7 Holes To Display The Time

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: “7 Holes is an analog watch concept with low production costs and an easy time telling method.

Above the printed face three perforated discs indicate the time. The outer with one hole is the hours, the middle with five holes is the minutes and the inner with one hole is the seconds.”


19 thoughts on “7 Holes To Display The Time

  1. I love the simple analogue style watches with minimal, uncluttered displays – one of my favourites is the wonderful Abyss touch screen watch. Not surprisingly, therefore, I don’t like the printed face, but without that it is great. This is very easy to read and I would definitely add it to my collection, if made. 5*/Y


  2. Very clever idea. The only downside for me is the half dots whenever the minute is not finished. That hurts me a little 😉 Maybe there could be a small gradient between invisible and visible. But aside from that, it’s cool and easy to make! I like that it uses a normal analog watch movement to create this look. Good luck Laszlo!


  3. This is a very nice design László! I love it! It is very simple yet unique. I would definitely buy! Good luck 🙂 5/Y


  4. Hi Laszlo! Very cool design. I love analog watches but also novel designs, so this is near perfect!

    I was inspired by this design and created a Rainmeter [http://rainmeter.net/cms/] desktop skin based on it. Would you be okay if I shared/published this skin online (deviantart, reddit, etc.)? I’ll definitely include you in the credits and a link to this page or any other author source you’d prefer if you allow this. Else, that’s fine; I just want to be certain to get your permission. Great design!


  5. I like the overall look of the display & case. I like the constant animation provided by the presence of the second. I like the crescent-ed, moon-like, look of the incomplete minutes. I like that it’s going from the outside to the inside. I would buy, even if it’s an analog, since it’s in the same spirit as the radar inspired watches.


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