Cubie Watch Design Frames The Digital Time

Design submitted by Heather from The USA.

Heather says: “I wanted to have a way to display the time while filling up all available space in a meaningful way.

I decided to split the square-ish LCD display region of CUBIE into rectangular regions of varying size.  Six of these regions are used to display hh:mm:ss digits in negative, while the extra sections are filled in for an artistic look.  It can display the time in either 12 or 24 hour mode, and can also display the date.  It has a backlight, and a stopwatch feature.

This unisex design is shown in various color combinations, and has an artistic and unique, yet easy to read “always on” display that can have a mass appeal in its simplicity.

The constant movement of the seconds is a stand-out feature of this design.”


12 thoughts on “Cubie Watch Design Frames The Digital Time

  1. Big, bold, simple and fun! Well that’s enough about me! lol
    I like the look of this. I would have been tempted to make the display a matrix of small squares, this would allow the wearer to bb able to move the digits about to their layout preference like a puzzle or something. I did contemplate a watch baced on moveable tiles like those puzzles you get which you have to move the tiles around to correctly display a picture. This design could have that feature. Anyways I’m rambling on. 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  2. Wow thats a really cool watch. Like the fact thats its always readable without having to press an illumination button. So easy to read too. Excellent design. I hope it gets the thumbs up and is created.


  3. It’s so simple that it could work indeed. I’m not sure if it beats the PHI but it’s nice. It would be cool if the two empty spaces would carry tenth and hundredth of seconds (so-called miniseconds lol) but some space is not too bad either. Simple, goes straight in the eye, looks good. Good luck Heather!!


  4. Reminds me of those find the numbers games! Looks great, and I believe this would be a really nice watch for many people, not just fans of “special” watches.


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