Halftime seeks out digital patterns

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says: I was analyzing the differences among the digits 0-9, and how some digits share common parts, or shapes. Each of the following groupings share the same bottom half: 0,6,8 – 3,5,9 – 1,4,7 – 2.

The bottom half of the HALFTIME display is engraved, and unchanging.  This tactile element is a nice feature for the watch face.  The four bottoms available are enough to create any digit from 0-9, when matched with the appropriate LCD top half.  The widths and heights of the top halves also vary, to make it easier to identify the corresponding bottom.

This watch is a unique shape, with a cryptic element, and is futuristic and stylish.

The combination of changing and unchanging parts of digits is a relatively new concept.  (Sam and I did use the idea once before on our MERGE concept.)

9 thoughts on “Halftime seeks out digital patterns

  1. Another great design, Heather.
    Reading the numbers is challenging at first, but once I got used to it, relatively easy.
    I then found I wanted to identify the number just from the top half – again, once I’d got used to the different heights for the different groups, that became possible, although harder.
    So, 2 ways to read it – I love it. 5*/Y


  2. Hi Heather, great job of design and animation. It takes a little practice to easily read the time and forget unnecessary lines to find the right numbers.
    5 * / Yes for this work.


  3. This is impressive, Heather! You are truly an innovator! I’d like to see the display shortened, so that the height of the digits is closer to their widths.


  4. Ok, this needs to be made into reality NOW. I would’ve never thought of a design where parts of the digits are already displayed, leaving the other half to fill it in. Very, very clever design! Your best yet, Heather 🙂 5*/Y


  5. A very nice concept this. Very simple but distinctive. The engraved half reminds me of this little electronic organs you used to get this a printed keyboard and stylus (I can’t remember what they were called for the life of me) anyways it’s got that classic retro tech look. Very cool! 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  6. Out of the box, having elements that don’t look like numbers that are always there and elements that don’t look like numbers either and change and together they make time. The repetitive pattern on the lower half is quite wearable as an accessory. I like that the animation includes the >all segments< on frame so the upper half can be the negative of the bottom half… fun 🙂 I like it. It can be done easily and is definitely a head turner. Good luck Heather!


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