EGG hourglass watch themed in 3 styles.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: EGG (Hourglass) this concept is based on the shape & design of a Egg Timer / Hourglass with digital sand / fluid. This wrist watch has a touch screen interface to set the display & a single rocker Switch which is used to select the display mode: Alarm, Date or Time which is display in the setting screen.

This watch displays the alarm, date or time in LCD several font / digits styles.

Black IP: Old English Text MT.
Stainless Steel: Neuropol.
White Acetate: Bauhaus 93.

The Digital Sand / Fluid display the amount of Seconds That Have Past within the current Minute.

This wrist watch would suit Female customers of Tokyo Flash.

The organic curved elegant shape of both the bracelet & Link makes it very eye catching. This Wrist watch comes in its own Egg Shell presentation case & egg card board box. To make it more egg-citing.

4 thoughts on “EGG hourglass watch themed in 3 styles.

  1. Hi Andrew, I think to incorporate all the features, fonts, animated sand etc this design would need to be e-paper. I presume that e-paper can be shaped into bespoke shapes as I have seen round, square and rectangular displayed watches using this media. Its not strictly my cup of tea but then im not strictly the target audience, but I support the concept anyways. Best of luck! 😀


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