‘Rokkaku’ is a hexagon themed analogue watch

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: An analog watch design with hexagon in mind, Rokkaku is inspired by honeycomb.

The watch is easy to read like most analog watches. I have incorporated analog dials with quick date, indicator and EL backlight onto the hexagonal face highlighted with honeycomb frame design to enhance the overall hexagon theme. In addition, the second hand, crown button and strap all have element of hexagon. A taste of hexagon in every bit of the watch.

People who love hexagon and want to have unique identity without sacrifice usability might like this design. I think Rokkaku has classic and futuristic element combined.

There can be LCD version of this design, but I prefer to use analog dials in my render showcase this time because I believe watch made of analog movement is more precious as it represent a great craftsmanship and premium.

10 thoughts on “‘Rokkaku’ is a hexagon themed analogue watch

  1. beautiful work. I love the shape of the case and the way the strap is attached, and how it has matching stitching.
    I would buy the blue one with analog movement (I agree LCD would not be as good here).


  2. Cut off the second hand and make the outside marker be the marker of the hours continue with the middle ring with the minutes and put the inner ring with the seconds. Will be great. Seriously. Sorry for the bad english


  3. A great design – looks fantastic.
    I think TK could deliver this without changes (unlike Uzumaki which I bought, but much preferred your original).
    Definitely 5Y again from me.


  4. This is awesome Fir, I love the discs behind the hexy mesh. So simple yet so effective. Very cool and very makeable. This is probably my new favorite of your designs. 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


  5. I’m with Heather on the case and strap, one of the best hexagonal cases yet, in my opinion. And I like the design of the face, in general. There are some details that don’t quite work for me, but the hex grid looks tops! I can’t help but think, though, that it could be taken further; in some way incorporated with the hand, which to me looks a little out of place… Other than that, solid work!


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