‘Spare Time’ watch shuffles digits when shaken.

Design submited by Gordon from the USA.

Gordon says: The name of this watch is “Spare Time”

Oh no, I dropped my watch and there are pieces everywhere.

Guess I will have to find all the pieces i can and replace the rest with spare parts. Look it still works, the chips wiggle a little bit but i can still read the time from left to right 02:34 and 55 seconds on top.

I can still read the date too left to right mm/dd and the first two letters of the day in the space for seconds.

This watch will have a satisfying rattle from the loose chips when shaken. The watch is off until the buttons are pushed, the adds to the broken appearance and adds drama when it comes to life.

16 thoughts on “‘Spare Time’ watch shuffles digits when shaken.

  1. Interesting and novel idea Gordon! Its not particully my cup of tea but I can image it appealing to many people. I think that you should shake it to wake it rather than pressing a button to activate. Eitherway support worthy 5*, best of luck sir! 😉


  2. very nicely done, and a very original idea. it’s not my cup of tea, but that’s just because it’s too bulky and masculine. i like Pete’s idea for “shake and wake”, and i like the name, Spare Time. 5*/N


  3. It’s certainly chunky enough! =) It’s not my style, but the style still works, I think. A very nice touch with the loose chips, but it was lost on me for the first couple of images. They certainly benefit from being highlighted. Fun idea, but I’d like to see more done with the digits. Have them light up gradually as it’s shaken, perhaps? Speaking of the digits, the different style of the seconds bug me a little, graphically speaking… I don’t think they’d all need to be the same, but as it is I find them a bit too different. Anyway, it’s a small detail. Good work!


    • valid points, the digit fonts could maybe be different that would need some experimenting. Thanks for your input


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