Ronu V2 e-paper watch (update)

Design submitted by Ignacio from Spain.

Ignacio says: This is a redesign of my first idea published on tokyoflash blog, Ronu. I always loved my first idea, but in 2011 (the year I designed it), I had no idea of 3D, as you can see. It’s some ugly the design I did, isn’t?

That’s why I redesign it, trying to do the best I know to date, trying to refresh it, to upgrade it.

This time, trying to adapt it to the present day, I thought it will incorporate a e-paper screen, which fits so well to the design.

The read is simple. The horizontal mark facilitates where the exact hour is showed, to the far right (where would be the number 3 on a classic watch).

From right to left (or inner ring to outer), hours, minutes, and seconds (in date mode, it would be month, day, and year).

As new features over the previous design, this includes the seconds, an alarm, display date, and touch sensitive screen (with a simple configuration to make it easy to change the time or date, set an alarm, turn the backlight on or switch between modes).

It’s a modern, futuristic, cool, strange but striking watch. I see normal people who likes minimalism, strangeness, functionalism, simple but effective.

Though technically I don’t know if e-paper refresh fast enough to my idea, its display. The idea of see every hour, every minute and second in the screen and see the time is continuously moving, flowing.

It is exactly the opposite of an analog clock. Is stop the needles and move the time.

It is a watch where needles are stopped but time goes on, and you can only see how the future is coming to the present moment. <(possible future watch slogan? hehehe)>

15 thoughts on “Ronu V2 e-paper watch (update)

  1. Nice design Ignacio! A definite improvement on the original. I like the mix of complex & simplicity.

    I am having trouble with the animations though, I cant get them to work, perhaps its just me. If there is a problem, I can update these links if you email


    • Thank you very much for giving me this chance, Tokyoflash! 🙂
      I’m trying as fast I can to fix the animation files problem.


  2. Looks great Ignatius, Altho I dont understand why you have gone with e-paper rather than conventional analgoue discs. I guess it allows you to have other modes like the date and alarm etc. Either way its a nice development on your original design which should have some mass appeal. I support your style 5/Y Best of luck! 😀


    • I choose e-paper because it fits very well to the idea. The analogue discs are a good idea too, but I thought in a technological redesign of the idea.
      Thank you anyway for your support! 🙂


      • Cool animations btw, they weren’t working when I first looked. When you see the extra features like the alarm the e-paper does make more sense. Best of luck sir! 😀


  3. Hi, Ignacio! I like the black on white background, something that I only remember seeing inversely on jump hour watches:

    The feature I really like about your design is that you can see the highlighted numbers that designate the alarm, so you can visually see it approaching.


    • Yeah! The alarm was a cool effect that I no expected. I had the idea when I was drawing it, but when I see it moving, I just… wow 😀
      Thank you for the comment and the support! 🙂


  4. Muy interesante este concepto que presentas. Me gusta como tal.
    En general me parecen muy acertadas las soluciones que propones, lo único que me produce algunas dudas es la tipografía y su tamaño…no se… todo tiene el mismo valor visual… tal vez aumentar el cuerpo de las horas??… hacer más “light” los segundos??… en fin son sólo sugerencias…me parece como te he dicho antes un buen concepto.
    Buena suerte.


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