UFO watch makes the perfect accessory for Martian Invasion.

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “UFO – Half Hunter” This is a redesign of my original UFO design which featured on the blog in October 2011.

The original design featured a hidden wrap around display which was revealed by the pushing the top half of the clam-shell popping it up in a b-movie stylie.

I think that the combination of the wrap around screen and complicated push push opening case made the original design un-feasible.

This version still has the UFO shape but uses a conventional LCD display which in normal use is partially covered by a “half hunter ” pocket watch style cover.  This partial display shows  the basic time in a selection of styles.

The time is told in “half hunter” mode by a ring of LCD blocks. The time could be told in a variety of styles. This could include analogue, 12/5/9 (blocks and/or words), 12/11/4 and Zero G style. If the time was not needed instantly just the seconds or an animation could be shown.

When more detail is required the user would press the button on the side opening the cover. This reveals the remainder of the display which can have other information, this could be date, digital time, stop watch etc. This could work individually of the outer ring or in combination. Again this info could be shown in a variety of styles chosen by the wearer.

The selection of time telling methods combined with the Jekyll and Hyde case should allow this design to appeal to a variety of people. The retro UFO form may appeal to sci-fi lovers.

The case can also be popped out of the strap so it can be used on a cord like a pocket watch or pendent, which may also appeal to people who like their products to be a little different.

The case shape, the two main modes, the combination display styles and the pocket watch option separate this design from others. The use of LCD makes the design viable.

Additional animation files can be seen here [Ani 1 large] [Ani 2 large]

27 thoughts on “UFO watch makes the perfect accessory for Martian Invasion.

  1. as you know, i’m definitely a fan of the pendant watch idea, and this has a really sleek design to it. i would definitely wear it. i don’t particularly like the green strap shown, but everything else is just mind-blowingly awesome – the versatility is to die for. what it must be like to be inside your head! this is some beautiful work, pete! good luck! 5*/yes.


    • Thanks a lot Heather for being not only the first to comment but leaving such a great comment too. I can understand the green not being to everyone’s taste. Yeah I really like the idea of multiple wearing methods, would help the design appeal to more people I think, kinda like a Swiss Army knife for you wrist. As for the inside of my head, it’s a lot like the “tardis” there more room than you might expect! lol
      Cheers again for the epic comment and vote. And it’s still in the fours! Woohoo! 😀


  2. I must say, I would even wear the screaming alien goo strap just to go with the ufo theme. Maybe replacable straps, Tokyoflash? 😉 Cute time telling method and lovely alternative display after opening the case. Pendant is cool. You can make the ufo shoot out of your pants and invade around a bit. Best of luck!!


  3. Hi Pete, I already loved the first version and I find this one even more beautiful, more modern, one of evolution in your work. I love animation and even though I’m not a fan of the color green, in this case, I would take the green model, because it works well with the theme.
    5 * and Yes of course!


  4. UFO pocket watch? How it could be wrong. This is very cool for UFO fans and as someone who ever encountered UFO, I’ll definitely need this design, like, I want it now. I want the truth now!


  5. Digging the slight 50’s kitsch factor here Pete! =) I really like the half-glass cover, it sets it apart while still being feasible. Also, I think the sort-of transparent strap fits the concept very well. And I like the green! =)
    That said, I don’t think I’d buy it for myself, but I cetainly enjoy looking at it. =)


    • Hehe kitsch, I’m gonna take that as a compliment! 😉 yeah it does have a 50s b-movie feel about it. I’m glad you likey even tho it’s not for you. We will just have to see if the abduction and brain probing will convince to buy later! 😉 cheers for the feedback Anders! 😀


  6. I really like this new revision, as well as its many applications.
    Very evocative and functional.


  7. This one is better than the original.

    I like the “half hunter ” pocket watch style cover. The overall look & watch/pocket watch combo are nice.


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