Street Lines watch ready for rush hour

Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: I had the idea while seeing a car commercial. The different street lines caught my attention.  So I used them to indicate the hours, the minutes and the pm indicator.

The screen is mono-color e-paper yellow on black, or could be white on black. From the top view, you can see that the case doesn’t pass on the left and the right of the glass, because of the width.

3 different length/pattern are used to indicate the time:

  • 1/2 height dual-lines for the hours
  • 1/4 height single-line for the 5 minutes, and the last for the pm indicator.
  • Full height single-line for minutes 1-4

I’ve made 3 alternative versions:

  • A truck version: the 1/2 height dual-lines are replaced by blocks of the same size.
  • A bus version: the 1/2 height dual-lines are put together, which make the hours, and the display, less wide.
  • A “single-lines only” version: the 1/2 height dual-lines are simply single-line, which make the hours, and the display, even less wide.

Alarm and date could be added. The hours and 5 minutes segments could be inverted.

27 thoughts on “Street Lines watch ready for rush hour

  1. Very interesting insipration with a bold look. It would be very cryptic for the un-initiated. Its not really my cup of tea but a support worth concept no doubt! I gave you 5/Y, best of luck sir! 😀


  2. For me, this project is a bit complicated, but I know the pleasure of having a positive message on the blog, so I put 5 * and Yes encouragement!


  3. Hi, Matt! Man, there is some f’d up voting going on at this blog–less than 3 stars? You should get at least that for an original concept. I really like the yellow on black scheme too. I prefer the truck version, or another way to illustrate the vehicles to distinguish them from the lane marker more easily. I might even suggest a vertical orientation over your horizontal case, as I think your concept might be more effective (less frogger, more spy hunter/ bumb n jump). I bumped up your score, it deserves more.


  4. Difficult to read but I think the display looking pretty cryptic. There could be easy function with single click of button. Don’t worry my first submission I got 1.8 rating but I think thats good ignition for me to improve. Keep it up and good luck!


  5. I’m giving 4 stars for a fellow Canadian with an original concept that could be refined into a stylish watch with an awesome animation setting. I like the “truck” style because it emphasizes the street lines concept more.


  6. i just loveeee this watch design and I want this watch right now please in black and red!!! 😀 😀 😀


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