Bracelet Sync watch lets you customise.

Design submitted by Valentin from the USA.

Valentin says: I have always wanted a bracelet-watch. one that looks exactly like a bracelet but can still tell time. uniquely.

The design is composed of links just like any bracelet, but each watch link with the time are label by h1, h2 – the links that tell the time and m1,m2 – the links that tell the minutes, these labels are in the back of the links, the reason is that, you can re-arrange the links to any position you want since its a bracelet. each link is its own watch but they still sync with each other. Telling the time is easy, its square digits with the centre absent so that it gives it a cryptic look.

I see anyone wearing this watch due to its sleek and easy to wear, for every situation or everyday wear.

Its a link bracelet that can tell time easy.

11 thoughts on “Bracelet Sync watch lets you customise.

  1. Very clever design! I like how the numbers are hidden until you actually learn how to read it! Good job! 5Y 😀


  2. I like very much! Good job. It’s always funny to me how hard I try to decipher the digits and then they wind up being extremely easy to understand once you understand how. Also a very original design. I don’t know how easily the customized portion will turn out to be but customized watches or anything are always a plus for me. If this is made. I will definitely buy. I love the classic look of it. And I hope the LEDs will always be on. Good job! 5! And yes!


  3. Hi Valentin, nice work mate. GMTA on the digits, I have also got a design submitted with digits using a similar principle. The re-orderable links is a cool edition! Maybe you could add extra time telling links too, so if you wanted seconds or date as well you could buy the extra links. Like Bryce I don’t know how makable it is but my fingers are crossed such is possible! 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  4. Great idea, have wanted a similar watch for a long time, the bracelet idea I mean. Very slick simple design. Digits even if not original are great, nice and simple once u know how to read it. I would buy right now


  5. I like the digits. I would prefer if the 10’s where higher than the 1’s.

    However, I already have a LED watch hidden in a bracelet. ( samouraï watches )

    I would pass.


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