Ring watch inspired by PIMP™

Design submitted by Dr. Gäbler from Germany.

Dr. Gäbler says: The idea came up in the discussion with my daughter Marianne. It was the intention to save the design of the “Pimpin’ ain’t easy” watches, in an new extraordinary miniaturisation. My Brother, an architect, was helping with the Design and CAD.

So we think of a magic ring like the Lord of the Rings, as a jewellery watch ring. The Ring of Times

Beside the hour-line is a field of twelve oblique lines of five LED’s for the minutes. Also grouped  every three lines to indicate quarters of an hour.

The third zone of LEDs is on the side of the Ring towards the tip of the finger.

Here are also 60 LEDs around the finger-hole to indicate the seconds.

The Ring of Times will be an fashion object. Beside this, there are a lot of functionality like: – one handed operation; – stop watch; – alarm function; – counter and – count down watch.

So this ring of Times is useful for men (and women?) with interest in fashion, cooking, sports, counting, and traveling.

It is the first design of a ring LED watch with an attractive but useful design (easy to read and easy to operate.)

14 thoughts on “Ring watch inspired by PIMP™

  1. Looks very cool Dr. Gäbler! And would be a nice alternative for those who dont like to wear watches or those who just like something a little different. The only real question is could it be done, I dont know if you can easily get LEDs that small or if they could be packaged (with all the other nessesary electronics) into something so small. I would be one of the first to buy if it could be done! 5/Y welcome to the blog sir! 😀


    • Hi Pete,
      While we are designing the Ring-Watch we also thought about that: That’s why we design the watch with two parts of the housing. The orange part could be unscrewed. So one has easy access to the inner parts of the watch. Have a look inside the classic Pimp ain’t easy-watch’s: These design is about 10 years old? So I suppose that today a thighter packing is possible. Otherwise we suggest to use only one or few LED and an LCDPanel to mask the light. Like you, we see possible problems with the 60 LEDs on the finger-tip-side of the ring, if it would not be possible to make a ring formes circuit board. The most problems we see with the battery. So is an idea to use an recharge-solution.
      Thank you for your support Pete!


      • The LCD would probably help a great deal to reduce the electronics size and pacaking, as well as power consuption. USB charging is a sensible addition with LED designs. For long periods where charging is restricted you could have a battery bracelet (matching colours etc) which you could connect to top up the ring perhaps. Cool project, good luck sir! 😀


  2. I’m not one for big rings, but I like this one! I like the simplicity of the design and the second ‘ring’ is a nice touch.


    • Hi Mj, thank you too for your thoughts! At first, we designed a glossy black ring (but we have only limited skills to bring it to the computer) the coloured desing was at first only to show the different parts of the construction. But hten we feel, like you, it could be interesting to have different inner rings, made from plastic in different colours and sizes (for different finhger sizes).


  3. Love the idea of a ring watch. I’m guessing that the power source would need to be custom integrated to the band.
    Very cool. I would buy two. One each, for my wife and I.


  4. I like the top part view. The second would be hard to see. It’s a nice idea, specially when we wear a coat, but I doubt it could be made this small.


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