Confusion LCD puzzle watch jumbles up the time.

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

Lloyd says: “Confusion” is a modern-looking LCD concept watch that displays the time in a simple but puzzling way using jumbled up numbers. The idea occurred to me over a year ago after seeing Heather and Sam’s design “Out of Order”.

Basically there are 2 rings of jumbled up numbers. The outer one tells you the hour and the inner one shows you the minutes in multiples of 5 from 0 to 55. To find out the time you just have to notice the one number in each of these rings that’s in the correct position. The pointer in the middle tells you how many single minutes to add (0, 1, 2, 3 or 4). You can show this part of the display in “negative” mode with the invisible pointer indicating the number of single minutes.

If you feel you don’t really need to know the time to the nearest minute, the 5 pointers can be animated to create a fun and partly decorative second hand. This hand completes one revolution every 5 seconds.

Every 15 minutes the 5 pointers animate for a short period of time to create a ‘dancing’ star. This feature can be turned off.

If you’re in a rush, there’s a “quick reveal” option. You can preselect one of two displays for this option.

Confusion has an alarm mode, a date mode and is USB rechargeable via a computer. It also has an EL backlight which makes the display easier to read at night. The watch’s case and strap are made from stainless steel in either black or silver. The LCD display comes in different colours and is “always on”. There are indicators in the middle to show when the alarm is on or off and when it is am or pm.

This design would probably appeal to anyone who likes new ideas, quirky gadgets, puzzles, creativity and thinking “outside the box”.

It stands out because of its slightly unusual styling and unique cryptic display which is easy to read.

37 thoughts on “Confusion LCD puzzle watch jumbles up the time.

  1. Very cool concept! Your images are fantastic! especially for photoshop!!!! (I repeat people PHOTOSHOP!) Its a little tricky time telling wise for the likes of me (thank god for the reveal modes! lol) It would take me a while to become fully initiated but worth the effort I think! but I can imagine this really appealing to the more puzzle loving cryptic minded amongst us! Great job Mushy! 5/Y Best of luck sir! 😀


  2. I spend some minutes trying to discover how to read the time (without reading the description). But, even after discover it, I need the same time to read it again. I hope nobody ask me what time is it walking with this watch 😀
    This is really a puzzle!


  3. It took me ten minutes to try to figure out how to read it without looking at description, I couldn’t do it…then I look


  4. I love the star in the middle and the quirky band. This is a classy watch, that looks good.
    It is easy to read, though it requires a little brain exercise each time you read the time, which is good for keeping the brain healthy! The quick reveals are great for when you are in a hurry though, or if you have a blank moment!



  5. One of my favorites! A merging of design, concept, and structure meets to create a watch of aesthetic and functional sense. Best of all, it’s fun and just a bit cheeky, even in name, which gives it the “look-at-me!” quality without being overwrought.

    Absolutely a 5 and thumbs up!


  6. I think this watch really confuse me (as the name implies so I think it’s the purpose of this watch so it’s fine). The reveal version would work best for me. The polygon in the middle is cool unless someone wrongly interpreted the icon as cone ice cream. The case is weird but I like button. I think overall it’s a good job and good luck with it.

    *I like the reason given by Diane hehe… indeed it is the reason why I bought my 1st TF watch.


  7. I love the overall look of this watch, with the circular face. Reminds me a bit of the Zone, which is TF’s best watch ever. The time-telling of your watch is easy in principle, but would probably take a lot of practice to determine quickly. I imagine that I would need to use the reveal A LOT! I guess that’s not really an issue, when you consider many Tokyo Flash watches need a button press to reveal the time, anyway. I would get rid of the asymmetry in the band, too.



      • Thanx for all your feedback DZ. 😉 I like the asymmetry. It makes the watch look different. I get fed up with watches that have bands that meet the case in the same way. It’s a bit like a boomerang too. 🙂


  8. The beautiful Watch, I just need a bit of thought to understand its operation.
    5 * / Yes for work and 5 stars more, when I understood.

    The score will grow, simply allow time for reflection and it will explode!
    Good luck Mushy.


  9. At first, I didn’t know what to think. The concept was really cool but I began to think how I would waste time trying to figure out which numbers were in the correct position. But then again, with the faint idea of what time it is I can easily find the number as I glance over the watch. So I began to like the concept again. Then I slowly began to fall in love with it. The quick reveal mode is a great solution to the problem I just mentioned and will really be of great relief when in a hurry. Then I began to like the polygon in the middle and the way to differentiate between AM and PM. The way to tell whether in alarm mode was great too. I really like this watch and if it does come out I will definitely buy.


  10. as you know from when you posted it on facebook, i was able to read it without an explanation, but it does take me some time. the reveal is an excellent option…and maybe an option for permanent reveal would also be good.

    i like the idea of having a different looking strap to case connection, but i’m not sure i like the one suggested…perhaps give it rotational symmetry. maybe leave the top part of the strap connected at the angle you have it, and have the bottom one connected from the opposite angle…then make a button on each side, rather than two on one side. just an idea.

    great work on being confusing! it certainly was a nice puzzle to figure out when you posted it without an explanation 🙂


    • I tried the strap and buttons that way too but didn’t like it as much. Neither did anyone else I asked. I know you find it a bit difficult reading analog watches anyway so this one is probably not for you. 😉 Anyway, it was just an idea. The next one will be easy to read. 🙂


  11. I love the overall look. ( look a bit like a compass ) I like the reading order : out to in. Somewhat tricky but worth it. I like the “quick reveal option 1”. I like the idea to replace the 0-4 minutes with a 5 seconds animation. I would buy it.


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