Hiding LCD watch lets your subconscious fill in the gaps

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: Some artworks are intentionally incomplete, so that the brain constructs alone, the missing parts.

The “Hiding-Watch LCD”, with its sleek modern design and is primarily intended for sports men and women, in accordance with their time.

The “Hiding LCD-Watch” a very easy to read and without calculation (after initiation).

The watch case is designed with dynamic shapes and modern.

44 thoughts on “Hiding LCD watch lets your subconscious fill in the gaps

  1. Très beau et très beautiful aussi 😀 Super display. So simple effect and so nice result. I like how the numbers play together in the center at 09:45. 5*/YES Such long straps… I could wear it around my neck 😉 But looks elegant up there. Good luck Patrick!!


    • Yes Pete, surprises come without warning, which is why it’s called a surprise.
      Thank you for your wish, I wish you the same, for corronner the splendid work which you propose on this Blog.


  2. Wow this is like, simply brilliant. One of the best in its category. I think wanted to design small watch for ladies right. The basic idea with incorporating silk screen beneath the lens adds the characteristic. Good luck with it Patrick. This is good!


  3. I like the grid. The angle of the digits are nice since we wouldn’t need to “bend” our arm as much as a normal digital watch. I would buy.


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