Linked LED watch concept with iconic symbol.

Design submitted by Kyle from the UK.

Kyle says: I was inspired when looking at symbols from different languages, when I started to sketch some interlocking lines similar to letters of different cultures I came to the formation of these three ‘Linked’ lines.

The large line indicated in red has 1 hour ‘blocks’. The medium length line has 5 minute ‘blocks’ indicated here in blue. The smallest line indicated green has 1 minute blocks. Within the spaces at the top of the watch face there are two blocks for AM/PM indicated yellow. The 5 minute and 1 hour blocks are grouped in threes to make the watch easy to read.

I see my design being worn by both males and females aged 18 – 25. The design of the watch strap and hexagonal shape is common in many female watches, however, the angular appearance also appeals to males.

I believe this design is easy to read while still maintaining the unique quality that every Tokyoflash watch has. It is a simple yet powerful design created to impress.

4 thoughts on “Linked LED watch concept with iconic symbol.

  1. Its a nice idea Kyle! the symbol reminds me of a coat of arms. I think from your proportions this design is better suited as a ladies watch. For me I would prefer it to be more chunky and industrial. 5/Y Best of luck sir! 😀


  2. I like the idea & the display look. The current proportion suggest a ladies watch which is ok, for tf. The green line could be longer, like the blue line, to mimic a street map.


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