SHIFT LCD watch has a cool retro 3D effect

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: Searching for a cryptic but at the same time simple way to tell the time, I came up with horizontal lines, that seem elevated whenever a number has to be shown.

The lines are divided into segments and all the segments that are out of line tell the time. This looks really cryptic at first, takes a little time to recognize and is really simple after a while.

I suggest a reveal mode that shows the clean time when needed and that trains the eyes by the repeated comparison with the cryptic mode display.

As for the watch, I chose a black glass block between two metal plates. The adjacent case components look like bigger strap segments, making the glass block look like an unusually slim case.

Display and case fit together well. This and the transition into the straps make a geeky and stylish watch.

18 thoughts on “SHIFT LCD watch has a cool retro 3D effect


    while looking at this damn awesome design, A white version with Red lights crossed my mind it was just so incredible…

    A definately want this watch the most now!

    The way the time is told is so simple yet no one else could have thought of this to work in such an epic way, I need this watch now….It is just so awesome!!! it works in any colour shape or form sooo coool!!!


  2. Been busy, haven’t you Sam! 🙂
    I have a sense that you like Seahope watches, right?
    I’ll give you 5y just for that!


  3. This is a really nice idea: after a second or two you cannot not see the digits. It is like a 3D-illusion. An oscilloscope-like animation of the screen would be a nice misleading feature distracting from the way of how time is actually shown. The shape of the housing and the wrist band are not my favorite thought.


  4. Very wowow Sam! loving the display and the funky animation. Not so keen on the proportions of the watch tho. Could this display be used vertically? if so that would be sweet. My subjectivity aside a worthy 5/Y Best of luck (I will be very suprised if this is not realised) 😀


  5. Insert comment about not talking and being financially worse off! 😀

    Seriously, unbelievably clever. Can’t fault it one bit. Amazing.


  6. I really love this design, the only one of your designs I like more is your XTAL LED/LCD watch.

    I would buy them both given the opportunity.


  7. Love this! It really does look like its popping out at you 🙂
    This watch can be a great conversation starter, not to mention a great way to confuse your friends, lol.
    I never though design that seems so complex is actually very simple, which is a winner in my book 5/Y


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