Radar LCD watch with Dual-Time

Design submitted by Fabio from Brazil.

Fabio Says: Minimalistic dial, based on radars. No buttons. Three concentric rings, each representing  conventional clock hands. No buttons (the watch has to be minimalistic). The central ring represents the second hand and its movement attracts attention.

The concept doesn’t depart radically from traditional clocks, then I believe everyone would like to wear it.

Radar watch uses the conventional clock hands in a futuristic/minimalistic style.

6 thoughts on “Radar LCD watch with Dual-Time

  1. I like the look of this, very clean and simple. I think that the seconds would be better on the outsdie ring as you can fit 60 segments there, you wouldnt be able to fit that many in the center. The hours should be the smallst ring and the minutes between the two. This has a rogueish charm but looks more mainstream wish may attract more conservative customers. 5/Y Best of luck Fabio, Welcome to the blog! 😀


  2. I agree with pete : the hours should go in the center and the seconds should be on the outside ring. The minutes can stay in the middle. I like the overall look & would buy.


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