AirWatch literally floats above your wrist.

Design submitted by Pawel from Germany. Pawel says:Β Years ago a watch with full color matrix display was considered futuristic, now it is state-of-the-art. However, transparent displays are uncommon and still appear futuristic to us. An idea of a transparent watch is fascinating to me. This is a design of a futuristic watch showing time in midair which is possible to make with contemporary technology. The watch shows analog time on an LCD (or OLED) display. This is a unisex design for everyone who likes futuristic and/or minimalistic watch design and appreciate the rare effect of having time shown in midair. Since there are necessary opaque parts like battery, a transparent watch design is a challenging design. Current watches on the market use a transparent display in an opaque housing. Their design does not make the watch close to invisible but creates an awkward window-to-the-wrist-effect. By contrast, this watch design contains all opaque parts in the middle (the housing has realistic 12 mm diameter) and uses a frameless transparent LCD (or OLED) display. This creates the desired effect of a virtually invisible watch showing time in midair.

13 thoughts on “AirWatch literally floats above your wrist.

  1. I dont know how feasible this one is but if it could be done Im in. I imagine the center with the electronics would need to be larger and the diameter of the display looks a little large for my preference but definately a support worthy concept! 5/Y Best of luck and welcome to the blog! πŸ˜€


  2. I like the simplicity of this concept, even though the overall look isn’t for me. It actually looks simple enough that it wouldn’t need to be LCD; it could be made with a standard movement driving two transparent discs with the hand markers printed on them. That way it might even be possible to have interchangeable hands, allowing the wearer some personalization. Anyway, just an idea…=)


    • I totally agree with you, xian. While focusing on making the watch invisible, I have learnt that any semi-transparent design of this kind will look rather feminine, no matter how wide the band is.


  3. Very unusual πŸ™‚ Well done & thanks for sharing.
    With LCD I think it would be very hard to fit the electronics in the centre space. Probably possible, but difficult.
    As Anders mentioned, conventional movement with 2 transparent discs would be much easier.


  4. Nooka Zenh Mirror is cool, but its barely to see the time through it. But I think if this design is realised, people will still buy it out of curiousity of the tech. I’m diggin ~~ possible alternative — Tansparoo transparent analog design, remember!

    Sill, a






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