Progress Zone watch design divides up your day.

Design submitted by Erik from Colombia.

Erik says: I was trying to keep the clock as simple as possible,so i started designing a segmented clock, first displaying numbers and then using shapes till i came up with this concept.

This clock represents graphically the way we tell time with numbers. It has three columns, the first one represents hours, the middle one, minutes in tens (hence six divisions) and finally minutes by units. Between columns there is a progress zone that connects with the respective point at the column to represent  the exact time. All you have to do is count, and when you have some experience could tell the time by knowing the shape in the progress zone.

The progress zone is a very striking part of the design that stands out, and by giving different possible colors it may adapt to a wide range of tastes.

9 thoughts on “Progress Zone watch design divides up your day.

  1. I like the idea. The question is, how to make it awesome at the same time feasible. Nice design anyway. Good luck Erik and keep it up!


  2. Love the idea, Erik – great simplicity in terms of reading the time. I think it needs a bit of va-voom in terms of the overall design. Still, 5*/ Y from me.


  3. Nice Piece of work, time telling is easy but abstract and it looks great. The blue looks like some kinda water level.
    If it can be made….Im in! 5/Y Best of luck! 😀


  4. Very elegant case and easy to read. 5/5
    With e-paper it should not be impossible to produce.

    A little bit annoying though, I am working on something similar, but slightly different…


  5. So simple and nice looking idea! I think it can’t be done with plain areas but with segments… and this would still look yum 😀 5*/Yes because I like to see this concepte developed.


  6. I like the idea and the overall look. I like the “natural” division of the hour and minute. I would definitely buy. 10*.

    I would like if the user could switch between many colors. ( I prefer blue with black band )


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