AD 1224 LCD/Analogue watch revision with multiple modes.

Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: This is a revamp of “AD 1224”, a previous submission. It’s an e-paper/lcd combined with analog watch. I wanted to make an analog-digital watch. I choose digital hour and analog minute and second.

I’ve changed the hours display and choose to go with 13 segments for the hours. There’s an array of twelve 1-hour lights surrounding a disk, close to the middle.

I choose a “sliced pie” shape to get a round display. For the minute I’ve used a thick black hand and for the second I’ve used a thin red hand, just like a conventional analog watch. For the hour, there are some segments of the digital display that lights up.

The display is standard : it start at 1 o’clock and go clockwise. The disk is used as a pm indicator.

The version without chrono has now 3 buttons, all placed on the left. And I’ve changed the commands order. ( you can check the diagram picture )

The user can choose between 4 displays modes and positive or negative display for the e-paper version, or between many colors if it was an lcd display, and could have the date displayed, at 6 o’clock. If it was made with lcd, there could be a chronometer added, at the same location. It would replace the date display, if that option was on.

This one will appeal to people who are looking for a distinctive analog watch.

The user can choose between several choices of display, depending on his taste or cloth.

11 thoughts on “AD 1224 LCD/Analogue watch revision with multiple modes.

  1. Crikey you havent left any detail un-defined with this submission. Every possible combination looks like its catered for. I like the continuous black segments without the dividing lines. That combination would look the most dynamic imho, buts its great to be able to choose. Nice work Makko! 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


    • I also prefer continuous segments without division. I prefer the look of the version without chrono.

      When I made the 1st version, I drew all the possibility I could think of and I was suppose to choose 1. but then I remember that e-paper mean that it can be change by the user, so I put all of them on it. The circle can be ticker/tinner. I did a few trial and choose the best size.


  2. Based on this design, Makkovik, I would think you would have left my Devhour concept a more favorable comment. We agree on how to display hours at least.


    • The hours of the Devhour was good, but not the minutes. & this model is not 100% my idea, since it’s based on a comment on the 1st version.


  3. I have a one trivia for this concept: Is it wort it to make it hybrid epaper/lcd/analog? I believe it can be made with analog movement alone. You should think of feasibility issue when doing a design. Just an insight!

    Good design btw! Good luck for your next designs and keep it up ✌


    • It probably can since the Uzumaki is analog only. But, speaking of feasibility issue, I don’t know if it would be possible to have all the options the e-paper tech gives, which I know is feasible.


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