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Hi Everyone!

Are you enjoying the summer? (or winter for those of you down under.)

We have about 850 designs on this blog to date. How cool is that?!

Browsing though, there are so many great ideas its hard to pick ones to make because the majority deserve to be made.

What do you reckon – Will other companies start giving their fans the opportunity to have their ideas made real? We are so pleased we decided to start doing this as its such a good way to get to the heart of what our customers want – they design the watches they desire most!

We are lucky to have such a passionate community.

Thank you everyone for your participation.

So far we are up to 7 community designs that have become reality. Last time we checked, in January; RPM, Kaidoku, Seven & On Air. Now we have added Heather’s Stencil, Firdaus’ Uzumaki & Sam’s Online.

Congratulations to all of you.

What you all have been asking about is “what the next selections will be?”

It’s difficult for us to straight-out announce everything because when it finally comes to launching the watch, we want it to be fresh. However, today we will be letting you in on a few definite’s because we know these are going to be big winners.

So, first up : the Adjust watch by Nico (Netherlands) was mentioned last time as a possible. This is definitely being made.

The samples we have so far look awesome – it looks exactly like Nico’s renderings. There will be a Silver version & a Black version, in sand-blasted! Stainless Steel. The material & finish is outstanding & will not fail to impress. We have included multi-colour LED’s inside so you can change the colour. There are some dazzling animations built in and the whole thing just makes me drool with anticipation.

The lens will not be user-swappable like the original concept, but the lens we chose is identical to the Nico’s original.

Codex, a collaboration by Firdaus (Malaysia) & Heather (USA) is definitely being made.

The gentle pyramid shape lens is a great detail on this design and the pattern of digital tube LED’s look fantastic under the mysterious black surface. It has a classic look which should be great for men or women.

So far there is an all Black version & all Silver version in Stainless Steel, but we are considering some leather strap versions too. There will be a choice of LED colours and we have a new type of rechargeable battery which will give a lot more power & life between charges.

Apart from those 2 we have another 2 from the blog which are definite. Of course, the designers know who they, are but we are not ready to reveal just yet what these are.

Beyond that we have lots of other releases lined up for the next 6 months or so.Β Some you have seen on the blog (from us) & others will be totally new.

For things under consideration, I can mention a few.

Peter’s P-Zero has us interested because its simple, bright & effective with a strong theme and a unique shaped lens to set it apart.

Turbine V3: Firdaus & Peter in collaboration, because its a brilliant way to take a simple analogue watch & twist it up just enough to superb effect.

Geometrik by Lloyd had us wow’ed by the numbers he created. There is a slight conflict with this in that we don’t want it to compete too closely with Stencil. Simply with the shape & layout – so we are thinking about ways to change it, just enough, to be its own unique flavour.

Talgat’s Roman Numeral watch is a beauty. A testament to how just keeping it simple & having bold graphics can be so elegant.

…and, just about everything else!

Seriously though we do look though everything on a regular basis, all 57 pages! So even designs from years ago get a second, third & fourth look.

I wanted to also mention a few areas we are working in to add new technology to our watches. We have been on a big mission this year to find as many new ways to experiment with new displays & gadgets. Its both exciting & frustrating because every time we find something cool there will be a new problem like its going to add 3mm thickness onto the watch, or its too expensive or we have to order a huge quantity 50 times more than we would need. However, despite all that we have a pretty good solution in place for lots of new things.

E-PAPER: black & white and mono-colour versions. The strong points are having a curved display with no gap between segments.

EL sheet: This is a new way to for us to use LCD so that it actually uses the light up feature to show the design. What it means is you could have a LCD screen with the time shown as glowing shapes. A kind of half-way between LCD & LED.

Transparent LCD: We talked about it before on the blog & have seen some designs using transparent LCD, so you can see right though the watch to your wrist. Now we can do it!

Bluetooth: We have done it before with Escape-C but now with Low Energy options there are a host of exciting new possibilities, some of which we have seen blog designs for recently.

TFT & other detailed displays: hi-res full-colour displays with detailed graphics & animations. It has to be done tastefully but it can solve a lot of design restrictions.

Input & feedback : Vibration, sound sensors, accelerometers, touch screen & touch surface (for example the side of the watch is sensitive to your finger scrolling up & down)

There are some other things too, but I can’t mention them without giving the game away…

So there we go. There is a lot going on.

I hope this gives you guys a glimpse into whats going on and possibly some inspiration for future ideas. Keep ’em coming!

36 thoughts on “Blog Designs Progress Report

  1. Yay an update, woohoo! Thanks Toky! πŸ˜€
    Congrats to Nico, no supprises that one is getting made cos it was awesom!
    Congrats to Fir and Heather too! For the same reason! πŸ˜‰
    Nice to see P-Zero and Turbine V3 up there for consideration, thanks again Fir for the coop.
    This will be a good week now! πŸ˜€


  2. Grats to Heather, Firdaus, Sam, and Nico. Look forward to seeing the announced new releases as well as the mystery ones:)


  3. Thanks for the update TF!
    Congrats to all designers; xTra applause for Sam, Heather, Lloyd, Peter, Firdaus, Talgat and Nico.
    Really looking forward to reading the next update – hoping another Sam’s will make it through. In the meantime, Nico’s Adjust will be my next.


  4. I like all the mentioned concepts! Hopefully, those concept will be reality very soon! Congrulate to all who had success in making their concepts into market as well as those who are on the way of archiving the same goal very soon! I will keep trying and do my best in archiving the same goal — a good watch for all of us!


  5. Hi Tokyoflash, thank you for this update. It is no winter neither summer here, but I enjoy the monsoon season!

    Thank you everyone sir, arigatou mina-sama! Goodluck to everyone, keep it up good work, keep improving, keep up positive mind and put more passion in your designs. This is not a competition, this is a platform to those who passion in design and creative works!

    Oh yeah, the last but not least, keep up being crazy, because the future is…….

    Tokyoflash kitaaaaa!!!!!


  6. Thanks for the update TF, and congrats again to those whose designs have been selected! Well done! πŸ˜€

    I’m still a newbie here but I’ll keep trying my best and hope to get there too one day!


  7. Congrats to everyone who got their designs made! I love seeing Tokyoflash succeed with this concept. Seeing collaboration between production and demand is a beautiful thing to behold. I hope this trend continues with other companies adopting this method of innovating.


  8. Congrats, not just to the people mentioned above, but to the many of you (including myself) who’s designs have not been picked (yet!)

    All we can do is keep trying and improving our skills! The future is indeed looking bright. To quote Firdaus, This is not a competition, this is a platform to those who passion in design and creative works!

    I would personally like to see these progress reports on a monthly basis, but I know that TF Studios are very busy, so I won’t by any means demand or dwell on it πŸ™‚ Just a suggestion.


  9. Congrats to those that dream became reality & to those who dream might become reality soon.

    To TF : It’s nice to know what technology we can use in our design.


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