X CON Handcuff Shaped Watch Design

Design submitted by Jordan from Canada.

Jordan says: Recently, I’ve been watching a lot Prison Break. Yesterday however, I watched the last episode and clicked away to the Tokyoflash Blog in sadness. That’s when it hit me: A wristwatch in the shape of a handcuff.

This watch is no ordinary watch as you can see. The watch is designed to look and feel like a real handcuff. The key provided opens the clasp allowing for a cool and themed method of opening/closing the watch.

The face of the watch runs down the length of the cuff and is designed to face towards you while wearing the watch. The time is read digitally with cryptic and stylized digits. Date and time mode is activated by tapping/double tapping the touch sensitive area on the right hand side of the face, closest to the lock.

I can see Prison Break fans (such as myself) wearing this design as well as ex-cons *wink*. The unusual and edgy effect it gives could appeal to anyone really.

18 thoughts on “X CON Handcuff Shaped Watch Design

  1. What I like about the design:

    It breaks the shape of traditional watches. I mean it is time TF comes out with a watch that breaks the traditional shape of a watch which will be an attention seeker. When I buy a watch, I look at both the face and the strap design of the watch.

    What I dont like about the watch:

    It is a handcuff???? Well… It is a bit hard to swallow on that. But I might try it anyway for the fun of it. Except…. the need to unlock the watch with a key sounds a bit too much.

    “The key provided opens the clasp allowing for a cool and themed method of opening/closing the watch.”

    What if I lose the key? TF will need a few days to ship a new one to me. This means that I cant remove the watch for a few days?

    Now that is something I cant accept because the watch might spoil should I need to bath.

    Unless if the key is a charger or something and the watch can be unlock freely like a usual watch.

    Noneless, great and bold idea Jordan.


    • Thanks for all your feedback Jarrod!

      As for the key, it’s possible that inside the keyhole is just a button-type release so you can also just poke a pencil or something of the sort in there to open it up!


  2. I’m not sure what to make of this! You’d definitely get public stares, but perhaps for the wrong reason… 🙂


  3. I like the fact that the design is totally different, but am not sure about the cuff-shape.
    but the scrolling effect in the video is really beautifull. Perhaps a less extreme design in the form of a bracelet with scrolling text…like all the banners on Times Square is more appyable for the market. I would buy that in a heartbeat!


  4. If you could link two together like the inspiration this design may appeal to er….. “Experimental” couples! lol
    Looks cool well done sir! 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  5. This would definitely appeal to the fetish community, so keep the keyed closure! The buyer of this watch would already have several ‘real’ handcuff keys on hand so losing the key is not an issue. (The key in your design mimics keys of ‘cheap,’ toy handcuffs, so I would use a standard, police-issue cuff key) 🙂 Just sayin’! I would buy this!


  6. A wrist watch is an accessory that can be both functional as well as practical. A good quality wrist watch can add a certain amount of class to your personality.


  7. Yeah!

    …Not really good for telling time, just a bit interesting. Everyone on this website is so freakishly supportive of EVERY idea on the website that it’s killing me. Even the absolute worst designs have about a million people saying how much they love it and how it should be selected from the plethora of other mediocre (at best) watches and how it deserves such praise and blah blah blah. The problem is that they offer money, and the purpose of designing a watch is no longer to be practical. It’s to sell your idea to as many people as can be fooled into buying it. Watches submitted now pander to a wide audience of stupid people, and their designers hintingly state that “anyone interested in fashion or modernism would really, REALLY like this watch…” which is basically a circumlocutory way of saying “vote for this… now.”


  8. At first it seems really cool. Then you realize that its a handcuff. If one were to wear this in public, I’d imagine that it would be hard to make friends that don’t deal or use illegal drugs. It would probably be a bit heavy, too. Not super heavy, but heavy enough to notice the weight. The key concept is indeed neat, but, as stated before, it would be losable. Finally, it seems to have an unadjustable size. This means that either most people in the world wouldn’t fit it or that production would be a lot more complicated with all the different sizes needing to be produced. In theory it’s cool, but when you actually think about it, it is really just more impractical than useful or interesting.


    • It is an edgy concept. That much is inarguable. Heavy, yes, but that would only add to the theme (which I do understand isn’t loved by all). Keys can be lost, so can house keys or credit cards, pens, cell phones, etc. It’s always a risk but a failsafe could be easily implemented.
      As for the sizing, I’m sure you’ve at least seen the plastic toy handcuffs. A sort of toothy ///// shape along the clasp clicks and locks in at multiple points in the cuff, making it easily adjustable.
      I’m sorry you feel that it’s not “useful” or interesting” (and “impractical”) but a watch shaped as a handcuff surely can’t appeal to everybody 🙂


  9. Well, not sure if anyone has said this yet but a fail safe incase you lose the key could be a little lever on the side. I used to have a pair of toy handcuffs and it came with a key, but it also had a tiny lever placed on the side of the base. You hold down the little lever and it would release the locking mechanism and allow the handcuffs to slide open. That could also work for this watch, the lever on the toy handcuffs were so small that I didn’t even notice them at first.

    Small enough not to be noticed, but large enough to find it easily once you know it’s there.


  10. Not crazy about it. It says here that it is designed to look and FEEL like real handcuffs. I don’t know about you, but I don’t imagine handcuffs were designed for comfort at all. I think comfort is the last thing handcuff manufacturers have in mind.

    Also, the base of the cuff (where it latches) is waaaay too bulky for my tastes. Not exactly sure who the traget audience would be for this design.


  11. Having a single handcuff would look bad and handcuffs where not design for comfort. I’ll pass.

    I like the digits. Perhaps you could use them in another design.


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