Hypercube Analogue LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

This is “Hypercube Analogue” an analogue version of the original Hypercube design that featured on the blog back in July 2012.

Peter says: I wanted to keep the same kind of faceted geometric cube shape that looks somewhere between architecture and jewelry, but this time with an conventional analogue time telling format.

This design would use a conventional analogue movement to power two faceted watch “hands”. The lower hand displays the hours and the upper displays the minutes.  I imagine the hands to be make of coloured transparent plastic with a coating or capping moulding over the top, this allows them to be illuminated by an LED mounted in the watch face underneath them, this light would shine out from one of the corners of the faceted hands to help highlight the time. The facets around the outside of the display have this time been divided into 60 markers. The hour markers are highligted to aid time telling.

The form of this watch is inspired by the simple geometry of a cube, using 3D facets to display the time giving the watch a jewelry look. The proportions should suite all wrist sizes and are aimed at the unisex market. This design suites a multitude of LED colours and materials giving this watch a mass appeal.

27 thoughts on “Hypercube Analogue LED Watch Design

  1. Crikey the rating went from 5 this moring to 3.9, then back up to 4.2 in the afternoon and now back to 3.9. Should re-name it “rollercoaster” or “yoyo”! lol


  2. I’m not a fan of analog display. But this one = WOW. I still love the overall look and love the dual colored hands. ( I would switch them : red = h : green = m ; to remember them easily [ RGB ] ) I would buy.


    • Yeah your comment about the colour of the hands is comprehensible. I orginally planned to have the hands the other way around as usually the largest hand tends to be for the minutes and the smaller is usually the hours.
      But the geometry didnt allow, as I planned on using a conventional movement. So the colour being the more logical and intuative would really help. Cheers for the WOW comment Makko! Keep up the good work sir! 😀


      • With the nightlight, I realised that the “light” on the 60 markers are reflections. I prefer the HyperCube over the HyperRube. For the hands : Personally, 2 colors are easier to remember than the lenght/shape.

        About my work : I’ve sent another design today. ( actually less than an hour ago )


      • The HyperRube one just kinda suggested itself because of geometry and the movement of the hands. I prefer the simpler colour schemes myself. cheers for the feedback! Congrats on your latest submission! I look forward to seeing it here! 😉


  3. This one ends soon so a big thanks to everyobe who took the time to comment, share and vote!
    Cheers to TF for adding this design to the blog and the external sites for featuring it.
    Cheers folks!

    Pete from the UK 😀


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