Overlapped analogue watch creates transparent time.

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: This design is a conventional, easy to read, analog movement watch.

The watch’s hands is made for translucent material. Time telling is completely straight forward analogue. The biggest square is the hour hand, the medium-sized is the minutes and the most narrow square is the second hand. With constantly changing patterns shows the time without the need to press any button.

7 thoughts on “Overlapped analogue watch creates transparent time.

  1. I like it because it looks different, but I must highlight here that I prefer my Art watch. Other than that, about this design, you should be aware of the round shape of the analog discs, unless you use transparent square hands instead of printed discs. 5*.


  2. nice idea – i’ve seen clocks like this, but more colorful. (i like the clocks i’ve seen better than this display – maybe it’s the shapes used or the fact that these use only one color..not sure)
    5* for the idea.


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