Time Counter watch with shifting dials.

Design submitted by Baktiyar from Kyrgyzstan.

Baktiyar says: I decided to come up with a design hours, wanted to show how quickly time flies and how it is priceless,i would like what would people remember about it. After a few sketches here are now turned the clock.

Called the clock “time counter” design is not complicated, a little classic, the timing is very simple, first line is the hour then minute, second, day, date and month.

Watch for all types of people, they can be worn as a classic veschyami, and with sports. It is universal and can be worn with many clothes.

18 thoughts on “Time Counter watch with shifting dials.

  1. That’s a nice idea, but there is 2 errors, that are fixable, : On the last picture : the minute and second lines should go the other way. and the e-paper technology can’t refresh that fast, so you can’t have that “scrolling” effect. 1 thing TF can do, if possible, is to refresh the minute line every 5-10 seconds and the second line every second, or 2.

    Bottom line : 5* and, yes, I would buy.


  2. I didn’t pick up on the e-paper suggestion at first. I assumed that this was a belt driven design. Either way it looks very classy 5/Y best of luck!


  3. Уаай билаааааа, Ващщщще суперский дизайн…. Оххренеть не встать… Я просто в шоке, как такое возможно… Даа это же немыслимая идея…..


  4. превосходная идея!!!! если сделают часы, я буду первым кто купит!!!


  5. If you can manage to incorporate futuristic, cryptic sense onto the design I believe this can be a winner. Goodluck!


  6. I like this because it has 6 different time lines that move in different speeds. Unfortunately only the seconds lane can be seen moving, but that’s how things are 🙂 I thought about implementing alot of info into a watch too and here maybe I would put the lanes in another order – starting with the quickest and ending with the slowest.

    This watch could be done with LCD on nice metallic background and constantly animated. Good luck Baktiyar and welcome to the blog!


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