Kyuuen LED watch dials your number

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says:Β The inspirations for this watch are the number pad of a phone and the metal bracelet Nekura watches.

The elegant metal bracelet is wider where the case of a normal watch would be. There I placed nine metal circles – each of them surrounded by a ring that represents the number you would expect on a phone number pad. Each circle is surrounded by an LED ring which is divided into four parts. These parts, if illuminated, indicate the reading order of the four time digits.

When the time is shown, the display can have very different appearances. The single ring quarters can be spread throughout the display without touching each other or be all connected. In any case it looks strange and only you would know the secret. Four of the nine circles are also buttons. They carry abstract letters representing the function they activate: T for time, D for date, A plays a random animation and S lets you enter setting mode.

I gave the watch a smoother appearance to address more women, kept a sleek soberness to address men. No matter if man or woman, I can see technic fans as well as art addicted people wearing this watch.

The watch looks cool when still of, the nine circles give the watch a remarkable face and the LED display is fun to decipher I think.

15 thoughts on “Kyuuen LED watch dials your number

  1. Another of Sam’s oldies but goldies, I’ve been looking forward towards this one hitting the blog for a while. Look the slick look and unusual display style. Making the buttons part of the display is also very cool. If it can be made I hope the proportions as per the images can be kept. 5/Y best of luck! πŸ˜€


  2. Man…I love those Nekura watches! Anything that derives its inspiration from there gets my 5-whopping-stars vote!



  3. Wouldn’t the second example be 11:56?

    I like this idea very much, and the recognition is fairly quick once you get the hang of it.

    Lots of possible variations too!


  4. a clever new way to tell the time. it takes getting used to, but the cool geometric look is worth it. 5* the animation is really cool, and the buttons incorporated into the display is neat. i like the colors – how the bracelet matches the LED color. i’m just not sure how i would choose which color to buy – depending on the color, it might only go with a few outfits..the silver one would go with a lot, but it’s not as pretty as the turquoise, for example. πŸ™‚
    (oh, and i agree with cory about the 11:56 example.)


  5. Okidoki, now I can finally comment!

    Bryan: This is the exact purpose of what I and the other designers on here try to make. If one can’t handle this, such a watch will convince. That’s ok. But if you have a thing for Tokyoflash, this blog is heaven. Thanks for the comment!

    Patrick, merci merciiiii!

    Pete: Thanks alot for you comment sir. It’s cool you like it, although it’s a bit harder to read. x^^x

    DZ, then I’m glad I mentioned the Nekura waches hehehe. Yes, I think these adaptable metal bracelets are a wonderful idea. So stylish! And I would love some etchings (engravings?) too here. Thank you vor the comment!

    Lloyd: Yeah yeeah, when you’re familiar with the 3×3 time telling, it’s a piece of pie πŸ˜‰ I like the battery analogy. Thank you!

    Cory: Absolutely right Cory. I think I should add an error to my concepts, testing how well the time telling works. Thanks for digging hehe. And thanks for the nice comment!

    Heather, hello! Yeah, the color decision it tough, especially for a lady πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you like this one! Thank you for the comment!

    Krauty, thank you!


  6. Great design, but I think not my cup of tea, and its complicated in a way that my brain doesn’t like to work on it, but would definitely recommend to anyone. 5*


  7. This is a nice one. I like that the controls buttons are on the display, not on the side. I would buy the gray or red version.


  8. Thank you all for the support! Kyuu en wa suki da ^^

    Enjoy the blog and for more of my ideas you can stop by at my page (click my yellow name).

    Stay cool & fair πŸ™‚

    Sam from Germany


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