Time in Triangles

Design submitted by Dietrich from Australia.

Dietrich says: This idea was inspired by my inaccurate memory of a 1980s video game called Qix, and also by sun-dials. I originally had two watch ideas – one for the outer triangles and for an inner triangle, so I merged the two.To tell the time, simply imagine an analog watch. The red wedge = hours, the yellow wedge = minutes, the light blue wedge = seconds. The shadowy triangle helps orient to where the wedges are, and is incredibly funky. The animated gifs will make it obvious.

Anybody that wants to be noticed will love this watch. The triangular animation in the centre will definitely draw attention, especially during the hourly animation (which occurs when all coloured wedges line up).

What is particular about this theme is the design carries through to all facets of the watch. Triangles, triangles and more triangles – even on the watch band! And it’s easy to tell the time. The triangular shadow is an eye-catcher, because it throws the notion of analog “hands” out the water.

10 thoughts on “Time in Triangles

  1. I feel like there’s a nugget of success waiting somewhere in this design. As is, though, I don’t particularly enjoy it.

    The triangulation is definitely a good concept. I find the constant motion to be appealing, and it’s extremely easy to read. I love alternative analog watches. That said, I think that this entire design is a bit too “busy”. There are triangles on the band, four rings of triangles on the face, and one constantly moving in the center. With this much happening, I feel like the design moves away from creative and eye-catching and towards gaudy. The design would improve by losing some of the triangles.

    You said that it’s great for people who want to be noticed, and that will definitely happen. I’m worried they’ll be noticed for the wrong reasons, though. Good concept, and some people will definitely enjoy it. This watch isn’t for me, though.


    • Thanks for that comment, JP. I’m a bit confused…it appears that TF has published this for the second time. Maybe you meant to publish my Identity Crisis watch??

      Actually, I thought of a brilliant way to simplify this. If the hours, minutes and seconds are at different radii, then the outer blue, red and yellow wedges are unnecessary. I would go back to the drawing board and redo it, but I REALLY struggle with CAD. So hopefully TF will take note of this message.

      My personal preference would be to have the wedges, however. Don’t know why…just like it the way it is.

      JP, I’d be interested to know what those wrong reasons are.

      Thanks for re-publishing!!


      • Hey DZ, I agree with your idea about having the points of the trianagle at three different diameters. You could have three just visible rings, the smallest for hours, a slightly larger ring for minutes and a larger one for seconds. This would also help keep a more obvious triangle when the points are close together. I agree with JP in that the design would look more dynamic with less going on. But its a happy balance between clutter free and boring. I hope you do a MkII version, could be awesome! Stange this has been double posted but I was happy to see it again! 😀


      • Hi Pete,

        Yes, that’s the idea I had in mind. In my opinion the rings would not be necessary – so long as the outer minute/ hour dial makes it obvious what is being pointed to. I like the idea of no rings in the middle, because it then adds a bit of intrigue to the watch – i.e. what is that funny triangle?

        Anyway, I may make a MkII. I’m just a bit concerned about this company – why is there only a blog and no shop? The message gives the distinct impression that the company has folded…




      • Hey DZ,
        The shop is there and open for business. I think for reasons I dont know the website shop isnt open in all countries, you often see people asking why it is closed on the TF fb page.
        Where I am it works fine so I dont think there is any concern regarding TFs future.
        Where are you anyway just out of interest?



      • Oops! We published twice by mistake. More exposure for you I guess DZ !

        Sorry for the mix up, we will try to do better…


      • No problem, TF – I’m grateful for the extra publicity. Pity the ratings are down on last time, though…



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