Wires That Tell Time

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: My inspiration for this watch is the wireframe based visualisation of 3D models in the computer. Automan’s car impressed me back then in the 80’s, when computer graphics became more and more popular. I wanted a similar looking minimalistic watch with emphasized edges which define its outline and necessary details.

This watch design is made of durable and flexible plastic. White, phosphorescent plastic is “molten” into the edges and creates the wireframe look. The edges glow in the dark up to 12 hours, so the watch can be read everytime without using LEDs. Under UV light, the edges shine brighter and make a nice eye-catcher in the club. The time reading occurs by an analog display. The watch hands are made of different sized transparent discs, outlined by the same edges as the watch. Between these two outlines are 12 indicators helping to read the time. The inner ring, pointing exactly at the indicators, stands for the minutes. The outer one, less precisely readable, stands for the hours. The straps are fastened by regularily placed magnets inside them. Time setting buttons are on the backside of the case and don’t disturb the minimalistic appearance.

The minimalistic outline effect is quite a diversion and brings fresh wind into the world of watches.

24 thoughts on “Wires That Tell Time

  1. i don’t know why the rating is under 4.0, and why only 5 comments so far, but i have to say this is a pretty neat idea. i thank you for including indicators so i can read it…i love things that glow in the dark, and the magnet clasp is awesome! (although it might not be great for extra hairy wrists) 5* / yes if not too big 🙂


  2. OMG! i was searching for this same kind of watch.I will definitely buy this watch.money is nothing if you want to live a life.me from sweden but thx to the designer obviously.
    And this watch should be water resistance because I want to wear this like wristband and want to swim with it in this summer.
    Go tokyoflash.dont disappoint me btw why this is 3.8??
    This design should be 5 undoubtedly:)


  3. Wow, what a nice little piece of minimalism we have here. I’m not sure where to begin on this one.

    The watch calls for minimalism, and it delivers on all accounts. The buttons are gone, the hands are gone, the clasp is gone, and the face is integrated into one seamless band. With so little happening, one would expect this watch to touch on monotony. Instead, there’s a subtle broadening at the face, and a slight curl on the hands: aspects that stand out so much more because of the quiet minimalist appeal.

    The watch is almost a bracelet, and might even go unnoticed by friends. But when they do notice it, this watch will bring nothing but compliments. With my personal style, I don’t know if I could wear this… but I’ll damn well try!


  4. Brilliant and edible as always! 5*

    Regarding the lack of comments…what’s happening with TF lately? The site has been closed for a long time. I think the lack of comments is due to this.



  5. Here we go 😀

    Pavel, that’s cool. I think the overall material choice would allow a waterproof design. Cool money attitude and 5* rating is also cool. Thank you Pavel!

    Gordon, omnomnom.

    JP, wow someone must hire you as design critic – sounds so good! You mention my exact intention, leaving all unnecessary details away. I agree, this watch does not yell HERE I AM but when it gets realized it says HI DARLING, CHECK ME OUT hehehe. Thank you for the nice comment and your will to try this watch!

    DZ, choochoo, thanks for the words and the rating! I’m not sure what happened. I can just believe, the subtlety of the watch does not appeal widely – would be ok 😉


  6. Whta the hell? I just came by and wanted to purchase the Oberon watch just to see it isn’t available any more. And the I was surfing the concept watches and it hit me having seen this concept.
    I like the idea of the magnets pretty well since I don’t have to care about the wrist size anymore and if this watch is going to get real I will purchase it right away. It represent what I want from a watch: minimalism and then, when realizing it is a watch seeing the emotions in the faces of others.

    Go TF, this is certainly an amazing concept and it would be really different to the other watches available. No LED, no blingbling and in a league like the EleeNo.


  7. Simply cool cooking watch. I like this minimalist yet cryptic design. Everything not a new things and look like some of previous Sam’s watches, but that is a good way to maintain your design identity while introducing new idea. I give this 5* banzai


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  9. New comments!

    Joseph, I hope youyouyouyou get the chance 😉

    Dirk, wow that’s a nice story. Other watches can handle different wrist sizes too but I think magnets make it pretty comfortable. And minimalistic – cool that you appreciate this. Thanks so much for the comment!

    Firfir 🙂 Thank you too for your support!

    Moorow, not here please, tell this your other incarnations too. But hey, the best way to have a doctoral degree is graduating from college first 🙂


  10. I like the phosphorescent edges and the position of the indicators. The magnets are a nice idea but it can interfer with the watch mechanism.


    • Shhh that’s a secret <..> Hm, if you are right, then another cool closing mechanism would have to be found. The one from the Kisai Seven looks boss.

      🙂 Thank you for your words Makk!


      • They can put some magnets but not all around the band. The problem is that the magnetic field around a magnet interfer with the analog mechanism, by preventing metal parts to move correctly, and will destroy it. ( we should never let/put an analog watch close to ANY magnets or thing that contain magnets, or near a working MRI device and definitely not wear one when we are inside one. )

        Another nice idea, which would give the same overall look is a band like the “time it” watch have : there’s a soft, pliable, metal sheet in the band and a small magnet on the tip of one of the band. You hit your wrist with the band and it wrap around your wrist. ( but it has an electronic movement )


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