Spotcheck Displays Time in Question Marks

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

“Spotcheck” is a fun and perplexing LCD watch design that displays the time and date via a bewildering and seemingly chaotic array of question marks.

Don’t worry though. Reading the time or date is easy. Just concentrate on the spots in the display and 4 digits magically appear. There’s also a “quick reveal” option so that you can just display the spots.

Spotcheck is USB rechargeable via a computer. The 2 buttons, located on the front of the watch below the screen, also serve as the dots of the 2 large decorative question marks embracing the screen. The watch’s case and various optional straps are made from stainless steel and are available in silver or black. The display is “always on” and is available in 5 colours: blue, green, grey, pink and purple. It has an alarm and an EL backlight to illuminate the display in the dark.

Lloyd says: I feel this design would appeal to anyone who likes puzzles, optical illusions, quirky modern things, creativity, thinking “outside the box” and having fun.

This design stands out because of its unique puzzling display which is also deceptively easy to read.

22 thoughts on “Spotcheck Displays Time in Question Marks

  1. I think it’s a little bit hard to read. Maybe I think that way cause I’m epilleptic, but the idea is pretty cool!


  2. Wow the cloud of ? really made me look like this -> o.O hehehe. I really like this one! I like the confusion, the usage of ? that’s the symbol of confusion, the reveal button, the full array layout, the always on LCD and that you made different colors and straps.

    I just had one idea, the ? could turn into ! just before these disappear leaving just . behind when you press a button. And this animation could occur randomly for each segment in a time span of about 2 seconds across the display. As much as the ? symbolize the confusion, the temporarily appearing ! would symbolize the comprehension.

    Good luck Lloyd! 5*/YES!!


    • Cheers Sam. 😉 That’s a good idea. 🙂 Thanx for the suggestion. I did think of having other things like exclamation marks and letters (i and j) too as an alternative to question marks so that you could have a choice of different displays. I guess you could also display different symbols at the same time too. Another idea was to use different shapes with dots. With triangles it sort of looks like an old computer game.


  3. Cool idea Lloyd, the styling is simple and uncluttered. I love the use of the question marks framing the display and creating the buttons. The display is cyptic at fist but after a while you dont even need the reveal mode. I like Sam’s “!” animation idea. 5/Y Best of Luck 😀


  4. Thanx Pete. 🙂 Yeah I just thought I’d add the reveal feature as it can just be used as another display too even if you don’t need it. I don’t think it’s really necessary.


  5. Another great design, Lloyd…leaves me asking the question, “what will you think of next”?! I approve (and pass with flying colors) this spotcheck!


  6. I really like the way you can train your brain to filter out the ???’s
    Its a great illusion effect & very nicely presented.


  7. I love the overall design. The optical illusion not so much. ( for health reason ) The “!” idea might help.


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