Bouncing Dots LCD / LED Watch

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This watch design has an LCD and LED version with bouncing dots effect.

It is fitted with an acceleration sensor which activates and displays the time for 5 seconds with a sudden wrist movement.

The LCD display is always on and coated with light paint.  Both watches are in digital time format so it’s easy to know the time with just a simple wrist movement.

10 thoughts on “Bouncing Dots LCD / LED Watch

  1. The LED version looks very nice. I love the animation. I wouldnt say it excites me but if I saw this in a shop at the right price I wouldnt hesitate. Solid design 5/Y Best of luck Laszlo! 😀


  2. 5*/YES for this cool display idea. Bounce bounce 😀 Maybe some more stylish numbers would be better. Those numbers are so traditional 😉 The accelerometer usage is very cool! Good luck Laszlo!!


  3. hey laszlo – i don’t know why so few people are leaving comments lately (could people be turned off by the captcha box?? or maybe people who are not regulars on the blog think you need to register with an account just to leave a comment and are turned off??) anyway, i really like the LED version here…I agree with Sam that more stylish numbers would make it a bit more interesting… Also, the size and shape shown seems a little masculine for me, but great concept! 5*


  4. A nice 5*. They are both looking great. I prefer the LED. The use of the motion sensor seem interesting, but what if you constantly move your arm/wrist ?


    • Well, yes …
      If you are a conductor, then you can to control a symphony orchestra in total darkness!


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