Kernkraft Steampunk Globe LED Watch

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Anders says: I’ve tried to design it to sit somewhere between art deco, raygun gothic and steampunk.

It is a classic analog watch where the ‘pole’ of the globe indicates the hour, the thin end of the inner orbit marks the minute, and the outer orbit the seconds.  This ensures that the display is constantly moving at a noticeable speed, giving a more dynamic impression.

The face is decorated in a suitably steampunk/astronomical pattern, with radial lines as hour markers.  Anders has toyed with the idea of putting a circular OLED display under the (faux-mirror) face, to make it possible to display the date and/or time digitally, and possibly animate it to add a starlike twinkle.

Anders has decided to only this watch design as a pocketwatch with a double chain echoing the shape of the orbits.  The design also features a kinetic self-winding mechanism, in the form of weights on the sides of the face which rotate as the watch is moved, thus charging the battery.

It is also designed with interchangeable fittings so it can be carried without the chain, or with a suitable wrist strap.

The globe and the orbits are fitted with LED lighting, to make it spectacularly readable in the dark.

This watch design should appeal to physice-nerds, people into steampunk and design-minded fans of the 20’s.


13 thoughts on “Kernkraft Steampunk Globe LED Watch

  1. Thanks TF for posting this one! I was almost getting worried that it hadn’t made the cut…=)


  2. Hi Anders!!

    This concept is a bit too retro for me. Not because it’s a pocket watch, but because of the style. It wouldn’t fit with any of my clothing combinations. That’s just me 😉 The time telling method is nice though. I could imagine it in a “Houston we have a problem” version, you know, in a more computery look. Then I think, the red ring should be the minutes because this ring is better readable. The blue ring is not pointy enough and can be the seconds that a) aren’t desperately needed for time telling I think but b) keep the display moving ♥. Cool name btw 😀 Good luck Anders!


    • Thanks for the comment Sam, I appreciate it! Of course, this sort of look isn’t for everyone (what look is?).
      Which element should show which part of the time is an interesting conundrum, and you make a good point about the ‘pointier’ orbit being easier to read. I’m sure, though, that it’d be possible to play around with the shapes a bit to make the blue one less obtuse. Perhaps some sort of marker imbedded in the plastic?


  3. I have to say I rather like this. The time telling takes a little getting used to is worth the practice. I love the look of the thing, I could imagine the villain character of a bond film referring to this “T minus 8 hours until world domination” etc etc. I also support this as it shares some elements with one of my designs that never hit the blog. Loving the material combinations. 5/y best of luck Anders! 😀


    • Thanks Pete!

      It shouldn’t be too difficult to read since it’s really just an ordinary analogue watch with some funny-looking hands… But I know what you mean, Sam made some good points about it too.
      Hehe, I like the Bond villain idea…=)
      Glad you like the materials, I sweated a bit over them…

      Thanks for the vote!


  4. OMFG!! I think this watch is effn amazing! I want one in the green ASAP! Epic work sir, hats off to you and keep up the good work!


    • Thanks man, I’m glad you like it! Especially the green, which many don’t seem to go crazy for…=)


  5. I can’t understand why this hasn’t had many comments and votes (so far) I think this looks pretty epic. Maybe its a little too unusual looking, but then this is TF’s blog, If you aint into unusual you should be here! lol
    I would vote again if I could! but sadly I cant so I can only cross my fingers that this gets more interest! 😀


    • Thanks, Pete, I’ve been thinking a bit about it, and I think this is a bit too mechanical, like a few of my other submissions. Most voters here seem to go more for LED or LCD…=) Also, it might be a bit too ‘easy’, being mostly a classic analog watch with unusual hands…
      Also, I’m not on facebook, and it seems that previewing submissions there builds interest, judging from the amount of comments those submissions tend to get in the first day. I’m not saying it’s wrong or cheating or anything, it just seems to be more effective (so, more fool me for not using it, really).

      Thanks for the support Pete, but I’ll probably have to put my faith in my next submission (an LED/LCD design, don’t’cherknow…)
      I’ll hit a bullseye sooner or later…=)


      • Hey Anders, you should join facebook and create a page. I did just to have somewhere to add pictures and updates of designs. Sometime they dont get through on the blog so at least I can add a link to the comments for anyone who’s interested. I hadn’t thought about the previewing on fb creating interest prior to the design hitting the blog, it might work for some but doesnt seem to make much difference to my submissions! lol
        I think some people have a good following of loyal supporters which has gotta help.
        I must admit I dont really know what the public like, so I do a variety of stuff and hope something appeals to the masses. If you dont hit a bullseye sooner ot later I will be amazed! keep up the good work! 😀


  6. I love the overall look. There could be a “moon” at every orbit, at the exact time, instead of playing with the thickness, to help the time telling. Another positive thing is that it could be made with many existing planet as template ( ie : saturn would be nice, with 2 different thickness for the 2 orbiting “disk” ) It would be liked by people who love astronomy. It’s not my case, so I doubt that I would buy one for me, even if I love pocket watch and steampunk thing.


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