Safe Cracker watch ideal for Bank robbers!

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: The following concept is based on the design & layout of the Dials on the front of a security safe. In order to open a safe you need to know the combination as with this design the combination displayed at the opening / Time marking is equal to the current time. That is why I call this design the: Safe Cracker.

This watch differs from a standard analogue watch design because it uses three rotating dial instead of Hands. The Outer Largest Dial Hours: 1-12, followed by a smaller ten minute dial & finally the smallest centre Single Minute dial: 0-9.

Furthermore their is a  back light in the Time Display region of this watch to so that the time can be clear & AM/PM in the top Right hand corner of the Watch.

This watch will appeal to those people who are looking for a analogue watch but want something different.

The Safe Cracker watch design is an unusual take on a standard Analogue watch display.

10 thoughts on “Safe Cracker watch ideal for Bank robbers!

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Congrats on getting another concept on the blog. The combination lock is a popular inspiration that lends itelf well to a watch face. I did consider doing a watch based on a bicycle lock with round discs that you turn to untill they light a LED, then the numbers on the discs are the time. But I heard many people speak of similar so shy’d away from it. So congrats on getting your version on here. Would have been nice to see you ideas on the case and strap but no worries. I support the concept so 5/Y Best of luck!


  2. I would like to thank Tokyo Flash JAPAN for publishing this design. This is the third design I have had published on this blog to check out my other design please cut the following Hyper links:

    Triple Yin Yang:

    The Zodiacs Western Chinese & Aztec calendar:

    Furthermore I have submitted many other designs to this blog over the last few weeks / months. I would appreciate some feedback on the designs that have potential & those that were simply rejected?


    • If this watch was constructed both The bracelet & time display / Safe dials would be constructed from the same material & in a matching Colour:
      Black IP Bracelet & Dials with Red LED Back Light.
      Stainless Steel Bracelet & Time / Safe Dials with Blue LED Back Lights.
      White Acetate Bracelet with White Safe / Time dials with Green LED Back lights.


    • Hi Andrew, Thanks for sending in your idea.

      For the best chance of being published here are a few tips…

      • Please follow the guidelines for sending in a submission so your images are 706 pixels. There is a link showing an example on the Design Challenge page.
      • Concentrate on one good time design & include the case/strap of the watch so people can get a better idea of how the whole watch will look.
      • If you send us one GREAT looking design we will probably publish it – if you send us 10 quick ideas we probably won’t.
      • Check out Lloyds designs for a good example. He isn’t using 3D software, but his designs look fantastic. Think about the case & strap & use of colours – people are more likely to vote++ a design that looks well presented.

      You might want to download GIMP ( – its a free photoshop program & will help you get the designs looking awesome.
      I think there are some free 3D programs too – “Google Sketch up” is one.

      Does anyone else have any tips for Andrew?


      • Great support Tokyoflash!

        Hi Andrew!

        I like the lock idea generally, but I have to use a bit too much of my imagination to appreciate this concept…

        If you are new to designing, you maybe try your idea on your friends. If they are good friends, they honestly tell you what they don’t understand or what they would like to see more. And everything that you tell them about what you like to have in the watch is worth sharing with us too. I sometimes should remind myself that the concept, that is known to me is totaly unknown to others and they need to be guided step by step.

        For here you could have googled for a safe lock image and a wrist watch image and put them together to make them look like a safe lock watch – Like a classical photo collage. (I’m not sure about copyright isses to be honest) This would be a rough but catchy image. You can use GIMP or you really make it on your desk. Then you need a printer, scissors, glue, pens, a scanner.

        A hand drawing would work here too I think. It requires some artistic skills but for the blog it doesn’t have to be a 3D programm. In the end, all images are 2D anyway. If you don’t do it 3D, you just have to be sure about the perspective earlier because you can’t change it easily anymore.

        An angled view is more impressive than a frontal view or a side view, it’s more pleasing. The frontal view is best for the explanation of how the watch works.

        I can recommend SketchUp if you’re a newbie to 3D. But as with any programs, it takes patience and many steps to succeed.

        It’s hard but internet is cruel. If a design doesn’t please in the first second, it gets ignored quickly. It’s up to the people’s curiosity then. Here people seem to be a bit more tolerant I think. I try to see behind the missing drawing skills when I look at concepts here and concentrate on the idea behind it. But even I have a minimum 😉


  3. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve been using Sketchup8 for over a month now, together with Kerkythea. Gimp can also be used for 2D enhancements – or even the whole job, if you know your stuff. These programs are all free – but the learning curve (at least for me) has been quite steep. There’s a lot in these programs to test the patience of Zen monks, and the rendering in Kerkythea takes an eternity.

    Hope this helps.



  4. Hey Andrew,
    I only submitted one concept until now, but I used Blender 3D + GIMP (both free) for that. It is actually the combination of software I use for everything related to design and overall image work. Especially Blender with its more recent render engine “Cycles” is ideal for modeling and rendering in my opinion, as you are able to use your graphics card for it (It took only 5 minutes to get a decent looking image). The only negative aspect I can think of is the fact that one needs some time to get used to the workflow of that program.

    Good luck with your upcoming designs and don’t give up, even if it seems a bit overwhelming at first 🙂

    Greetings, Sascha


  5. I love the concept. as I love safecracking ( not my work but I would have love to do that ) It’s great to think about a backlight. It would have been nice to have other time diplayed to have a better idea of how the numbers appear at different time.


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