Angular Watch: Unconventional, yet easy to read.

Design submitted by Sylvie from Canada.

Sylvie says : I wanted to go outside the box by avoiding symmetry. I wanted to do something modern and ‘chic’.

There is 12 facets, one for each hour of the day. Each intersection of the facets (the larger parts indicates the hours and the intersections of the inner ‘circle’ indicate 5 min each. (Refer to the diagram)

I’ve designed it for women but I cannot see why it would not fit men. 🙂

Not only the lights indicate the time since you have to refer to the shape of the watch and I think it makes it more original.

9 thoughts on “Angular Watch: Unconventional, yet easy to read.

  1. Hey Sylvie … Design is really a nice one … However, it is similar to TokyoFlash “Orbit” Watch … If you see “Orbit” Watch … that’s really a impressive one … Best of Luck to your future designs 🙂


  2. Definately out of the box styling. The time telling method is nice and simple. This would be a popular fashion wtahc, I could imagine it appealing to the ladies as it looks quite jewel like. I like it, 5/Y Best of luck! 😀


    • Agree with Pitukun! I like the random xagonal shape, very abstract! You make it, I’ll buy one!


  3. I like the braveness of this idea, trying something really strange 🙂 The only bad thing is, it’s hard to find a bigger audience for arbitrary looking designs like this. That’s a pity, but maybe I’m wrong. The time telling method is awesomely simple and I like that the inner ring is not parallel to the outer one – consequently irregular. The analog and the LCD versions both look good – executed very nicely. I think, if the straps would become wider when they touch the case (like they become thicker), the whole watch would look more dynamic and pleasing. To me at least 😉 I would like a black version with white hands then. With some further care this watch could be a seller. I see the intention and wish you good luck Sylvie! Welcome to the blog!


  4. Hi Sylvie,

    I like the asymmetry idea – this would certainly draw attention in a crowd. Two things that would be needed for me to buy one:

    1) That there’s a more male version. (Although I do like the jewel-like feel of this watch).
    2) I don’t want to have to press any buttons to read the time. I have a Hanko watch, which requires this…can be a chore. Is there a way of having LEDs always lit without drawing too much power?



  5. Hi dzign555,

    I like asymetry for the way it makes things sometimes look more original! 🙂

    1) I think that by only changing the material for a less ”shinny” one would already make it more suitable for a man. 🙂

    2) Actually, you would have to press a button only if you are in a darker place because since this is is a LCD screen.



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