Tokyoron LED bracelet style LED watch

Design submitted by Ron from the Netherlands.

Ron says: I wanted a cool bracelet which at first doesn’t look like a watch. It should off course also be a watch, but if you see the bracelet nothing would make it look like a watch. So no circular shapes and no watch-like band.

It’s just a simple, cool bracelet which is very nice in itself even when it wouldn’t be a watch to. Simple but nice for man and woman. How to tell the time is explained below.
All the persons who already are attracted to Tokyoflash products. But in this case also more sportive young guys and girls (who would normally be put down by flashy, geeky watches). Because in essence it’s no flashy watch but a cool bracelet. The fact that it doesn’t look like a watch.

5 thoughts on “Tokyoron LED bracelet style LED watch

  1. It has a feel of classic Tokyoflash designs. Nice if your into the old school. Its not my cup of tea but I can imagine there being a market for it! Best of luck!


  2. I like the time telling method – big digits outside and the small digits meet in the big display. The overall look is nice, reminds me of an 80’s NASA computer – retro high-end gadget. I’m personally not a fan of the bulged glass. It’s cool that you found a new layout for the dot array which is an often used element for LED watches by now. It’s a nice tame watch and I wish you good luck Ron. Welcome to the blog 🙂


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