Cube Watch Design Builds A Cube As Time Passes

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

An “always on” LCD watch design with color changeable LED backlighting. The upper left 6 segments indicate 5×2 hours and +1 hour. The 6 segments in the left botton indicates 5×10 minutes and 5 minutes. The 4 segments in the right side of the screen is 4×1 minute. Minimal calculating of the time.We like the idea that the elements of time create a 3D block as time progresses. How do you feel about this design? What’s your favorite aspect of the design. Let us know in the comments section below.


9 thoughts on “Cube Watch Design Builds A Cube As Time Passes

  1. i really have to get used to it, its still pretty hard to read 🙂 but its rly cool looking design 🙂 i see your style repeated in the forum, so you post very much ^^


  2. I like the style of the display – hexagon filled with cool parallelograms that form interesting shapes. That looks very nice. Time reading works fine after some practicing. The cool display is worth this little hurdle 🙂 Good luck with this one Laszlo!


  3. I have been getting frustrated by the lack of commenting around here too lately!

    I like the look of this design, the cube form is a popular inspiration and why not its cool. The time reading takes a little practice but its ok when you know how. Not my favorit Laszlo design buts its still worthy of a 5/Y
    Best of Luck! 😀


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