N-Gon Watch Shows The Time Between Polygons

Heather says:

“I wanted to make an LCD design that would include seconds, as that is a desirable feature that few currently available watches have. I was also inspired by Sam’s Online watch concept, which uses just the outlines of digits on both sides.  I extended the concept by letting the digits be read in the negative space, between changing n-sided polygons (n-gons).

There are six digits of time displayed between the polygons.  The top two digits display the hours, the middle two display the minutes, and the bottom two display the seconds.  The same display format can be used to show the date as month, day, and year.  A stopwatch/countdown timer function would also be a useful feature for many.

People who like cryptic designs, yet appreciate accuracy will be drawn to this concept design, as it features a digital display of seconds.”


11 thoughts on “N-Gon Watch Shows The Time Between Polygons

  1. I don’t really understand why this has gotten such a slamming in the ratings. Sure, the design-brief was done in msPaint but it’s a marvellous concept.


  2. i like the time telling, and its rly good,
    but you could spend more time on the rest of the watch since its important 2!
    so work on the overall design not just the time telling.


  3. I’ve been following this site for a while but i have never been able to figure out why it always shows up as ‘closed’ on my browser. The watches are amazing and I’d like to buy some for my friends and family. Anyone able to provide an answer?


    • Hi Toast! I think, the page is closed in some countries. Try to contact Tokyoflash via email: watches[at]tokyoflash.com

      I hope this helps 🙂


  4. Fight n-gon fight!

    I like the idea Heather. I can see, why it’s daunting at the first moment, since I’m struggling with a similar idea. But with some practice, it works – as always. Maybe a horizontal separator with hh,mm and ss would ease up reading. I don’t mean an interrupting line, but maybe just some space between the numbers, going vertical for a bit before the next number comes. The look is interesting and definitely should make people wonder where’s the time. Big plus are the seconds, that let you learn the numbers. Watch design can come from Tokyoflash 😉 Supportive 5*/YES


  5. Hi Heather,
    The digits are clever, and it is a good idea having the seconds too. I do think that it would be easy to read hours and minutes in that format, but I think with 3 rows of digits, you might find some people would find it difficult to read quickly. Samukun has a point, mabe if you included a small v (or some other) shape between the digits to delineate them, people may find it easier to read.



  6. I like the principle used on this design but not nessesarily the look. Having the seconds makes the display more animated but harder and less clear to read. If this was my design Id be tempted to make the polygon forms a solid block (filled in) for better contrast with the negative display. Good idea so 5/Y
    best of luck! 😀


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