A Digital Watch Design with Customised Seconds

Design submitted by Sung Yong from Korea.

Sung says: “I wanted to make a sketchbook in a watch, so I want to put graphic design, character and brand logo on it. This watch is very cute and simple. It is easy to collaborate with other brands, character, graphic designer. I think this model can change in various ways.”

A simple design idea that is basically a digital watch (see the time example below) but with customisable seconds. These are displayed in the outer rings and in Sung’s examples, there are various options; dots, lines and stars to personalise the design.

How would you personalise your design? Have your say in the comments section below.

a_digital_watch_design with Customised Seconds_whitea_digital_watch_design with Customised Seconds_polkaa_digital_watch_design with Customised Seconds_bluea_digital_watch_design with Customised Seconds_choca_digital_watch_design with Customised Seconds_explanation

5 thoughts on “A Digital Watch Design with Customised Seconds

  1. I like the seconds displayed with dots in two concentric circles. I would like to see a more unusual hours/minutes display to go along with that. Or, use that for the minutes display and just add an unusual hours display.


  2. I like the basic premis behind the idea. I presume that the seconds would be displayed by LCD or LED and the pattern design would be a perferated foil or decal layer taht could be applied by the consumer. Then they could be even supplied on a self adhesive sheet that could be printed by the customer to a design of their choice. I agree with Logan that the Hours and Minutes need to be displayed in a more unique manner to match the rest of the design, preferably in a manner that would work with the customisation theme. Its a nice idea that needs a little more work but I support it! Best of Luck! 😀


  3. This is quite okay, but need some more tweaking to be eye-catching. The explanation here is a bit lacking but I assume the time telling is like on air but you need to count for the minute? But lower images above show digital display,? Hmmmm… hmmmm,,,, hmmm…. hmm ok, Goodluck Ms Sung!


  4. I don’t get it, can you explain it more?
    are you changing the rings to tell time on a different way? by switching the rings and the mid section?


  5. Welcome to the blog, Sung Yong!

    There is missing quite something here. Why aren’t there hours and minutes in the renderings? I’d like to see the time with the custom designs. Where are the seconds in the blue image? Why is the golden ring divided in 14 segments?

    I like color and design variations and the possibility to adapt a watch. Instead of renderings, I would have liked a more detailed sketch and description about how time is told and how one can adapt the design to one’s taste. Maybe you tell us more 🙂


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