MASK LCD & lEET watches for the discerning hacker.

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Anders says: This submission actually consists of two display concepts with a common hardware design. The ideas were so similar in layout it struck me as unnecessary to come up with two separate cases, which would probably have been very similar anyway. The displays are both HD LCD or LED.

The first display, Mask, is a digital watch with a twist; only the middle third of the numbers are shown, making it almost runic in appearance.

lEET, however, uses Leetspeak to baffle the casual observer. The numbers can be substituted for a range of glyphs, as shown in the images.

Design-wise the hardware is fairly straight-forward, with the exception of the tubular strap which is split, folded and clamped to the body and buckle. The watch itself is metal, allowing for a variety of colours and finishes. The size might also be adapted in a men’s and a women’s version.

Being a traditional watch on the face of it, this would appeal to those who like ‘flying under the radar’, drawing attention only when it’s wanted. The styling is low-key enough to appeal to a  wide demographic, and the tech allows for multiple themes, perhaps as purchasable updates from TF.

31 thoughts on “MASK LCD & lEET watches for the discerning hacker.

  1. i really like the mask idea with the middle third of the digits – easily readable, but very unique looking. i would buy one with a black strap. 5*


  2. Hi Anders, there is an inspiration for the “TimeBender” of Mushy, in the numbers partially masked, but I love the one with the metal case and black strap.
    5 * / Yes, also a good idea with the glyphs!


  3. Very nice design… I like the middle third of the digit display version the most.
    Both thumbs up for 5*!

    I’m new in here and actually I was looking for how to get in contact with the manufacturers of Tokyo Flash for some business matters. Also I wonder who you guys are / why you present your designs here in the public? 🙂 Just curious because its “quite unusual” to see such many great and fearless designs. Is it for you (as a designer) something like a contest / maybe Toykyo Flash picks out the best designs and have a deal with you?

    Very interesting community in here……


    • Hi Max, welcome to the blog!

      Yeah, it’s called design challenge. Check out this link:

      Tokyoflash opened up their doors and let people from all over the world suggest cool watch concepts. Now you can see a huge collection of ideas. They already made some fan-based watches along with their own designs. It’s a great collection of new watches they brought out the last years.

      Hm, maybe we see your idea here too soon?


      • Hi Sam 🙂 well, I’m more on the industrial side which means, I cant publish my designs/ideas like you do, because my customers for whom I’m doing a design (moslty analogue watches / just lately one radar watch which will be on the market in August 2012) would’nt like to see me publishing it 🙂 Anyway, LCD / LED and other new technologies are phanstasic playgrounds, but maybe I lag to much in knowledge about this. As like most watchmakers, we are limited in phantasy and creativity as we have to deal more with physiks than electronics / wheels instead of circuits. I always think about the technical way of “how to get there”. Designing LCD/LED watches should mean to have a certain knowledge of this technologies before starting any design. With other words, the pencil rules me while you most probably prefer to rule the pencil 🙂

        The contest for designers in here is just great. We had a similar idea when we wanted to post a design contest at some highschools. Anyway, I love the great work in here and I will stick on this site and blog.


      • Welcome Max, its good to see a technically minded chap on the blog!
        There is a mixed bag of ideas that make the blog, some more feasible than others. Thats what makes it interesting. I myself know very little about the technical side beit analogue or electronic but at least that knowledge doesnt restrict the creativity (I hope! lol)
        Its a shame you cant submit! 😦


      • That’s very interesting. As you can see, there are many many strange (in a good way) and utopic concepts here. If they reach a good rating, good comments and if TF themselves see potential, then, with some luck, a concept can become real. It’s such a fantastic opportunity.

        I can say, I often start a concept with a pen in my sketch book. I can only imagine things until a certain point cause I’m actually trying to become architect. Tokyoflash do the hard work 🙂


  4. This is awesome! The numbers do have a similar feel to Lloyd’s timebender but there is enough room on the blog for both in my opinion. Love the look, reminds me of a car tax disk holder with the rivets/bolts. Im a bit gutted tho as you have a very similar strap detail to one of mine in the way it spits and goes around the case! Doh! Not to worry. In summary love it 5/Y Best of luck


  5. I really like the displaying of the middle section of the numbers. This works as stand-alone concept already and gets my 5*/YES That concept made my think, why didn’t I think of it before?

    The lEET (1337) idea is an independent idea that coincidently resembles Lloyds idea. The latter one has been made from scratch while this one is an etablished ways of geeky chat 5P34K, so it can count on a certain fan base. Independently from the MASK idea, I also like to have this on my wrist. Another reason for 5*/YES

    I just ignore the straps 😉 They are not necessarily woven with the concept and I think TF would take a pleasing one.

    Anders, good luck with your multifunctional concept!!


  6. I like the look of this watch Anders, but the display is a bit too unoriginal for me. Your graphics are always great. I’m sure this would make a great watch for many people.


  7. How about square face? The design for strap and clasp is…. too unique maybe? I need more reason why the display is considered special, but since Sandra (above) like this, I couldn’t complain more.

    Oh sorry to add, I would suggest different font or layout, this can be enhanced, I believe the result will be very good in LED.

    Peace 😉


    • Too unique? Is there such a thing…? =)
      I know what you mean, and yes, a square body would probably work very well if the font was a little bit blockier. Truth be told, I didn’t spend hours choosing (or making) the font, since it was a quick idea to begin with, and I assumed it wasn’t a critical element. Judging from the positive comments, I think it didn’t hurt the rating, at least not too much…=)

      LED is an interesting option, it’d make it even more cryptic for sure…=)

      Thanks for the comment Fir!


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