Spiral analogue watch design

Design submitted by Ignacio from Spain.

Ignacio says: Just looking for new ways of seeing the watches, and I thought “spirals? Yeah, it can work”.

I had some technical problems to do the renders, but I hope the idea is transmitted.

The idea is exactly equal to that of a normal analog clock, only instead a circumference, the needles rotate within a spiral.

As always, initially is hard to see, but looking at it more time you get to see it without problems.

To distinguish the needles, the broad marks the hours, and double fine minutes.

Anyone who likes a normal looking watch but special time reading.

It’s just that: a normal analog watch in hard mode.

In my opinion, the idea: use a spiral instead of a circle.

17 thoughts on “Spiral analogue watch design

  1. Hi Ingnacio,
    I really like the look of this and these are your best images so far! Spirals are cool! My only question is how it would work, if the hands were conventional hands wouldn’t you see them thru all three rows of spiral? or are the markers floating in the groove of the spiral and travel along a hidden analogue hand?
    If there was an LCD behind the spiral that would work and be easy for TF to make.
    Eitherway its a nice looking design so I give it 5/Yes and best of luck! 😀


    • Indeed, I’m slowly improving in renders, but I still have much to learn; what you see is the result of tutorials and self-experimentation. And studying graphic design I hope to improve much. 🙂

      About your question, I thought something similar to your 2nd idea: a little marker traveling through the spiral, but I don’t know if it’s technically possible.
      The LCD one maybe more feasible, although personally I think it would lose the essence of analog watch in hard-mode.
      If the day came, about this aspect I trust Tokyoflash will choose the best option. 🙂

      And thank you so much for your comment and your vote. 😀


      • If you were to go analog, a rack-and-pinion type thing could work… for example, there would be hour and minute hands, with the middle part cut away along the length, hidden under the watch face. The hour and minute indicators would sit in the hidden arms, and as they turn, the indicators would follow the spiral path while staying withing the arms. A problem, though, would be… how will it reset itself? once it reaches the end, will it just rewind?


  2. A really spirally analog watch? Very good idea! Time telling needs a bit imagination from me, especially telling the minutes but works properly. The issue with the watch hands is simple to solve I believe. Just let the watch hands be no straight lines but also a spirals on a transparent discs… The gaps could be a little wider so the actual reading part is bigger. But it’s easy to say for me. Everything has to be balanced. Change one thing, another thing suddenly bothers. Anyway, the intention is clear and deserves to be supported. Good luck Ignacio!


    • Yap, I’m not as good as you (yet), I know we need to improve my designs visually, but as you say, the intention is clear.
      I’m glad to see you like it, Samukun, and thanks for your comment 🙂


  3. Spiral is always cryptic and awesome. I like how the watch look but the reading might be not so pleasing for me,zmay be it is true, if you love spiral, be ready to spiraling your brain 😉 overall well done ignacio-chin!

    side note: very good improvement, the pictures look decent, keep it up, and goodluck!


  4. Don’t worry about your graphics Ignacio. They’re great! I think the time-telling method could take a bit of getting used to but it’s a nice idea. I reckon Fossil would like this idea since it looks so much like an ammonite.


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