Twisted time analog watch design

Design submitted by Andy from the Ukraine.

Andy says: I decided to use “bend, smooth” arrows in my design, to find another way for traditional arrows. To make something “free, not directional line arrows”

My design based on traditional mechanical wrist watch design and there is traditional way to tell the time using an arrows.

For all the people who likes original design and traditional way to tell the time, who likes classic mechanical watches.

An Interesting new way to tell the time.

24 thoughts on “Twisted time analog watch design

    • It’s not necessarily a mistake. A) It’s a concept. It’s a bit early to worry about such. B) If you want a clean design, setting buttons can be placed on the backside.

      I like this idea. It reminds me a bit of the ora unica watch. This is a less busy, more elegant solution. The big glass cover is cool too 😀 Good luck Andy!


  1. Hi Andy, every time one of your designs come on this blog, I am surprised and impressed, a long time is pass without you to see here?
    I’m a fan of your work and I love your design vision.
    5 * / Yes with great pleasure!


  2. So simple & elegant. I love that the arrows point from outside toward the middle ( the opposite of conventional watch ). I love the way the wristband go a bit under the case. I would integrate the adjustment buttons in the case instead of puting buttons/crown.

    This could also be made into a pocket watch. I give a 4.5* ( analog watches are not my style, so I’m not sure that I would buy it, but I see the potential )


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