Tangled watch design gets the time all in a twist.

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says : While sketching some abstract digits with a goal of filling the display, I found that overlapping some of the digits made a nice geometric pattern.  Then I thought about M.C. Escher, and some of his sketches of “impossible objects”, which has always been an intriguing concept for me.  In my attempt to make the display look impossible, I instead found that the digits I had made appeared to be all tangled up, hence the name “TANGLED”.  I then decided to include a pattern in the strap, which is reminiscent of the display format.

This is an “always on” LCD display.  You can easily tell the time by reading the top two digits for hours or months, and the bottom two digits for minutes or days.  There are multiple color combinations presented for strap and display.  Which do you like best?

I feel this unisex design would appeal to a wide audience. Those who appreciate a geometric display that is somewhat cryptic, yet actually very easy to read. To me, it seems to have a bit of an 80’s retro feel.

This design stands out because it is a completely new representation of digits, while still familiar enough to be read easily.

17 thoughts on “Tangled watch design gets the time all in a twist.

    • Thanks, Pete! I’ve been getting some tutoring on my graphics software (by Sam). That’s how I was able to make a decent looking strap! 😉


    • Mindwatches, thanks for the compliment…and the stars!!
      I’m not sure you want my mind though…it can get pretty cluttered 😉
      (and yours is great the way it is!)


  1. Full display, nice style (45° ♥) and convenient balance between confusion and simplicity! Another important thing: the display doesn’t look the same all the time. Yeah I know, a normal LCD watch also has different looks throughout the day. But here, it’s always a little artwork you look at. If I imagine what TF makes of it, 5*/oh YES!!!


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