Pins watch employs tactile display.

Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

Gordon says: I came upon this idea when contemplating one of those pin plates that are fun to put your face in.

Time is read digitally, but the display is produced by a matrix of individually controlled pins. This watch will not only have touch screen controls, it will also react as a fluid with ripples made when touched.I see the screen behaving as a low res mechanical display with limitless graphics opportunities.I apologise for showing only a couple but I hope I have made my point.

I see people who love high tech but also love mechanics in thier watches wearing this one. Lets face it, in the next 20 years technology will reach a point when everything will fit in the space of a wrist watch.

I don’t know how or when this watch will ever be produced, but I am optimistic that technology will reach a point one day when this is possible and when it is, I would love to see it on my wrist.

UPDATE: Alternative version with LED or TFT screen.

21 thoughts on “Pins watch employs tactile display.

  1. I love this idea. I am no engineer but I believe this should be possible. I love that it would be 3D with the raised pins. I can envision the animations of it rippling and raising to show the outline of a hand, a face, a fingerprint… Great fun I must have this.


  2. I can only support this idea as I had similar myself. If it could be done it would look awesome especially with the high res (small pins, greater number) Although the higher the res the less feasible I imagine at this time anyway.
    Looks great 5* and Yes
    Best of luck! šŸ˜€


  3. thanks for the support guys, an after thought was instead of pins, i could use a matrix of lights in the same idea, the lights would be easier because there would be no mechanical movement


  4. Love it! I really do like the strap, imagining the satisfying ‘click’ of the holding mechanism as one puts the watch on is a cool prospect.

    The display is too cool. Trying to thing of a way to do it… magnets maybe? How do those work? hmmm… the lights would be cool too. nice work, Gordon!


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  6. thanx TF for posting the additional pics. I envision the watch with the red 3 scrolling the time and date horizantily across the screen. The second photo with the multi colors I see as an animation of falling snow flakes as well as limitless other animations like on those big old displays you would see at arena games in the 70’s


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