Fall Off watch uses infinity mirrors, creates the illusion of space.

Design submitted by Albert from USA.

Albert says: The inspiration for this watch came from my interest in space.  I wanted to create a design which invoked the sensation of traveling through space.  The always on LEDs make stars while the infinity mirrors create the illusion of space.

Time is read similar to a standard analog clock.  The outside ring indicates the hour, the center ring shows minutes in five minute block and the inside ring is individual minutes.

This watch is for anyone who wants a time at a glance watch and appreciates the vastness of space.

The seemingly random position of the LEDs and the infinity mirrors speak to the wearer about both speed and the vastness of the universe.

13 thoughts on “Fall Off watch uses infinity mirrors, creates the illusion of space.

  1. Fall off? I think it is more than that. The display is awesome. The watch case and strap is too classical though. Wanted (minus the strap and case —-> please mod it) !


    • That is a good point Firdaus. I wanted a simple case and strap to try and emphasize the face, though I see how a more stylish case could add to the excitement.


  2. I agree with Firdaus about the strap and case, but the creative new way to show the time is great. It is very readable.

    I believe the one that says 3:39 is actually showing 2:39 though…Am I right, or am I reading it wrong?

    Though infinity mirrors are not new to this blog, this time-reading method combined with infinity mirrors is new and welcome. Plus, always on is something I always look for. 5*


  3. I like it and agree with Heather and Firdaus that the case and strap could have been more futuristic to match the display. I though the 3:39 time example also said 2:39 but thats no great shakes.
    The time telling method could be simpler tho as it could be a regular analogue format and still work fine imho but this works fine too. Cant see any major negatives with this so I give it 5 and Yes.
    Best of luck Albert! 😀


  4. Oh cool, more infinity 😀

    + time reading is cool. the hours and 5 minute steps can be recognized easily without indicators
    + blue 😀
    +/- it’s a concept and case and straps are alright. Tokyoflash would do their magic, if they take this concept
    +/- an ambivalent point. although the time telling method and the mirror effect aren’t really new, the combination of these elements here is new and appealing.
    + I really like that the simple dots, mirrored again and again, look a bit like classic watch hands
    – nothing really negative to tell

    To infinity and beyond! Good luck and 5*/YES


  5. It’s a watch “classic” with blue indicator, I wouldn’t change anything because the case is “vintage”.
    5 * / Yes.


  6. I like this idea Albert. It’s cool. :o) I don’t know why people feel the need to pick its appearance apart when that’s a relatively minor part of the concept. It’s the basic time-telling idea that’s the important bit. I’m sure Tokyo Flash must have an art department to take care of things like that. Good luck with it.


  7. Totally digging the watch. Sometimes I have trouble telling time with an analog watch, but would wear this on the basis of art alone!


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