Tricircle watch runs rings around time.

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I was visiting the gym and noticed various posters promoting the 2012 olympic games. The main image associated with the olympics are the olympic rings, a set of interlinked coloured rings. I started thinking that it would be nice to use interlinked rings to tell the time. The result looks similar to the trinity symbol.

Telling the time is very straight forward, the time is displayed via three viewing windows, the top ring displays the hours .

The minutes are displayed by the two lower rings, the left ring shows 10 minutes increments and the right shows single minutes.

The watch is based on an analogue movement, ideally a jump hour type so that the time is always clear displayed by the viewing windows. The outer glass of the viewing windows double as touch sensitive controls for the settings, modes and illumination.

This design combines traditional elements with a contemporary design, which hopefully will give it universal appeal. The proportions should suit the majority of wrist sizes. The sculptured form should attract those who like something out of the norm.

The means of displaying the time is novel but easily recognised an intuitive. The rings would be powered by a traditional analogue movement which hopefully adds a little realism to the design and a hint of produce-ability.

There is an animation of the watch in action [5MB]

123 thoughts on “Tricircle watch runs rings around time.

    • I can’t disagree with you! lol, Im glad you like it! I hope you like the LCD version when it hits the blog too.
      Thanks for the kind words! 😀


    • I really really really really wish I could answer that one Starkiller! its in the hands of higher powers! thanks for supproting this design, keep your eyes peeled for the LCD version that should be hitting the blog in the not too distant future! Thanks for commenting 😀


    • Only TF can answer your question, Its in their hands. x^^x
      Im glad you like it and hope you get the chance to buy one day.
      PS keep you eyes peeled for the LCD version comming to the blog soon.
      Thanks for the brilliant comment! 😀


  1. Wow, just wow…
    I’d love to witness this mechanical beauty see the light of day, I’m a little worried about *how* it moves too…but then again if TF does manage to make it work it should help add to the mystique…


    • Hi Kuro/Shiro, the complication of the mechanism seems to be the biggest concern with this concept. This is why I have also done an LCD version. It looks very similar to this but would be easy for TF to make using familier methods. Hopefully that will hit the blog soon and be as well recieved has this has been.
      If you wish to see it before then look at my fb page (PF Design) click on my yellow name to link straight there.
      Thank you for comment and the wow! 😀


  2. Time is short for this entry. So I will quickly summarise its time on the blog.
    First of all I would just like to thank everyone for their votes, comments and shares.
    I’ve been really blown away by how well recieved this design has been and the really positive words and support that have been bestowed on it. The score is a record for me so I’m really pleased by that.

    Hopefully MKII the LCD version will be embraced as well as this version when it arrives on the blog, as it is completely feasible from a techincal perspective and uses tried and tested technology familer to TF. (so no excuses there! lol)

    Thanks to TF as ever for adding this design to the blog.

    Thanks everyone!

    Kindest regards,

    Pete from the UK 😀


  3. this is on e of the sickest watches i have ever seen. really really hope it is made into reality. ∞*. by far the best.


  4. hey pete.. fantastic watch! 🙂 looks very technical to build but maybe not, would be interesting if TF thought it would be feasable without too much technical development. I think the whole triangularish shape looks very classic too. almost tudor? anyways, epic design. best of luck with it.


    • Thanks Keiron (I didn’t realise comments were still open Doh!) Yeah the complication seems to be the biggest concern with this design although the theory of the movement is pretty straight forward. I have since done an LCD version which would be much easier for TF develop should they choose too. Should hit the blog soon!Hopefully one of them will catch TF’s eye! Thanks for the comment! 😀


  5. this is an awesome looking watch, if made, make sure the black with green lights looks identical to the pic. I’d like a celtic timelord watch =]. looks awesome, i hope it gets made.


    • I checked out the lcd version, it looks nice, but not nearly as awesome as the metal version; hopefully they can get the kinks worked out.


      • Hi Tristan,
        Thanks for stopping by, yeah the black and green seems to be the most popular combination.
        Thanks for checking out the LCD version, its more in keeping with the technology that TF use at the moment. I would love to see either version make it to production but must admit the analogue is still my favorite too. Thanks for the positve words! 😀


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