Stylux watch (update)

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Earlier this month we saw the imaginative Stylux watch from Anders that used a combination of laser & phosphorescent ink to ‘draw’ the time. He has updated the design using less advanced technology, which could be more realistic to produce.

Anders says: Due to the positive feedback I received I decided to make an alternative version of Stylux, my previous submission. The original is too complicated to produce anytime soon, so this take on the design uses only existing tech.

The display is basically analog, with the hours inset into the minutes. The center of the hour inset features an OLED display projecting through the face, to allow the watch to display the time digitally as well, or to relay short messages from the wearer’s phone, like the original concept.

The opportunity for customization is considerably smaller with this design, but readability, battery time and not least ease of manufacture are all improved. The minute hand could also be marked in some suitably subtle way to simplify telling the time when the backlight is turned off.

This version appeals to much the same groups since it retains much of the layout and elegance of the first version. The lower price and complexity should broaden the market to less technologically-minded (and less financially secure) people. As with v.1 the range of straps and colours could be considerable.

25 thoughts on “Stylux watch (update)

    • I sincerely hope so! =)

      It’d be up to TF if they decide to make it (fingers crossed), but yeah, the OLED display should be able to show the time (or most anything else) in any format you like. It might very possibly not be feasible to make it quite as high-def as it’s shown above though. Again, that’s up to the good folks at TF…=)

      Thanks for the comment!


  1. Looks Awesome Anders! I like the original but this looks equally cool and stands a fair chance of production! Bought! 5 stars and Yes (again) 😀


    • Thank you very much for the support, Alain! =)

      I hope it’s produced, of course, but now it’s up to the readers and TF. We’ll see how she fares…


  2. The last image is looking good, though if its me I’ll eliminate the kanji or whatever alphabets in the inner dial… I believe it shouldn’t be there… just my personal insight… voted 😉


  3. Easy to read, I think it looks nice, with lots of attention to detail. The two tone stretchy band is cool, and looks user friendly, (so many of them are sharp and pinch), the rounded edges look comfortable.



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