Wooden watch projects time though the grain.

Design submitted by Max from the USA.

I found a wall clock that looks like solid block of wood, but is actually a thin wood veneer over LEDs. As soon as i saw it I knew that I wanted it on my wrist.
The design is simple. A thin wood veneer covers LEDs, when you press the button the LEDs light up and the time shines through the wood. The time itself is as clear as possible, it’s just like a normal digital watch.

The watch would have different variations of LED colors and possibly different woods.
The version of the watch I created may be a bit large for some people, but it could easily be made smaller as to appeal to a wider group of people
A watch with what looks like an all wood construction stands out from anything else. Especial the blank wood face that makes it seem like its impossible that it can show the time.

16 thoughts on “Wooden watch projects time though the grain.

  1. Welcome to the blog Max! It’s an interesting concept 🙂

    + wood. oh yes, nice material!
    + simple geometry,
    – but it’s a bit too chunky for my taste
    + led through wood veneer is nice. The hidden display is cool,
    – but it could be more challenging, more tokyoflashy

    This simple concept has quite some potential. With the right proportions and a challenging or otherwise unusual time reading method, it could be a seller.


    • I agree it should have a more tokyoflashy display, but The purpose of this design was really to plant the idea of an all wood watch. I tried to make the design very simple so that parts of it could easily be changed like the shape and the display. Thank you for the feedback 🙂


  2. Welcome to the Blog Max.

    I like the inspiration, I like wood/wood effect, I like simple geometric shapes but for some reason I don’t like the combination of those things here.
    The shape looks a little too bulky for my taste and dare I say it a liitle too literal (yes me saying its too literal)
    Maybe with with a little Tokyoflash flair added and a sleeker shape could be a winner.
    3 stars for the idea but No from me at this time sorry.


  3. Welcome back to the blog Max. This watch design;

    > wood is awesome, but quite sensitive too
    > minimal geometric is fine
    > its not chunky, just simply minimal
    > LED through wood veneer wouldn’t work, but look alike mineral or clear mineral with woody tinted might do
    > its mainstream



  4. Hi Max, I like the idea of wood or wood veneer just so long as the finish is clean and not old-fashioned looking. I’ve seen the clock you’re talking about and it always catches the eye. Not sure about the thickness of the case. I kind of wish the time display was more dynamic than simple digits.


  5. Hi, in my opinion you should be careful. I like the concept but due to the wood propieties a watch made of it may be uncomfortable.
    I think it would seem more atractive with a smoother design.


  6. Considerations:

    I think the idea of a wooden watch/LED display is really good, and could yield a very attractive and unique watch.

    The problem is that wood is not a very strong material, especially small pieces used as links in a bracelet, and even with steel pins tying the links together, will be prone to breakage.

    It is difficult to seal wood against moisture, even with polyurethane clear coat, and with salty sweat, even polyurethane might not hold up over even a short period of time. Where the ends of the links rub against each other, the polyurethane will wear off, exposing the ends of the wood grains, which will wick moisture into the wood.

    If you could find a cost-effective way of making stainless links with a veneered insert, that would likely be much more durable, and protect the wood.

    Also, if you cut a groove around the upper edge of the top of the watch and pressed a stainless steel band with a square cross-section into that groove, it would give an attractive bezel that would also protect the top edge of the case from dings and scrapes. That would carry the stainless/wood motif of the bracelet onto the watch case.

    A similar-looking, matching band around the lower part of the case could also include lugs which the bracelet would attach to. If the case were round, with the proper design, the the case back could be screwed into this ring, sort of like a screw-in man hole cover, for battery access.

    A current-sensing circuit made by touching both the top and bottom ring simultaneously for 15 seconds, could be used for setting the watch, eliminating the need for any buttons, giving a very clean, simple look.

    If skin-resistance contact causes accidental setting of the watch, an initial 10 second low-resistance contact using a piece of metal such as a coin could be used to initiate the setting process, then higher resistance finger contact could be used to do the actual setting, with the coin again used to go from step to step, hours to minutes to date, etc.


  7. I think this is pretty awesome. I wonder if it could be made from re-purposed/recycled wood or laminate? This, like most of the TF watched are not for everyday wear but it is a knockout. I go to several of the big award shows every year and I would show it off like crazy.


  8. Love it! I would definitely buy one. And I’m sure all of my earth-loving, sustainable-living, eco-friendly friends here in Berkeley would wear one as well!


  9. Can you guys please make this so i can buy one?? Although it may be uncofortable, sometimes it hurts to look good.


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