Crypto-Lite watch solves the puzzle of time.

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia

Lloyd says: This watch design is called ‘Crypto-Lite’ and was inspired by one of my puzzles.

The strap is made from a man-made material.

The watch is USB rechargeable via a computer and has a button on each side of the display. The left one displays the date and the right one the time.

To read the time or date, just concentrate on the diagonal lines in each figure and you will see a hidden digit rotated 45 degrees counterclockwise. To help prevent anyone from mistaking the time for the date or vice versa, the time and date are displayed in green and blue respectively.

Geeks, puzzle solvers, design fans, sci-fi fans and anyone who likes to wear something different. It would be a good point of conversation and icebreaker.

It’s original and looks perplexing and futuristic. Also, it is very easy to understand.

29 thoughts on “Crypto-Lite watch solves the puzzle of time.

  1. I LOVE this display. 5* If the case and strap were made more suitable for a woman, I would buy this in an instant. Awesome. Very tricky looking, but quite easy to read. Just one note — the “6” is missing from your explanation figures…(but I could figure out what it would look like 🙂


    • Aw thanx Heather. I’m sure TF could easily make it into a more feminine looking watch too. I sent an amended graphic last week with the 6 included, but I think it must have ended up in the spam folder.


  2. I like this, simple but cyptic display that is easy to understand quickly, simple case that makes the display the main event. Me likey 5 stars and Yes sir!


  3. The geometry font used to tell the time is already awesome, but I,M,H,O, the arrangement can be made more creatively. I think this watch design is for ladies.

    good luck!


  4. I like it! I would find the digits quicker to read if they were tilted clockwise instead of counter clockwise.

    Very nice design!!!


    • I suppose that depends on if you’re wearing it on your right wrist or your left. The one shown would be easier to read on your right wrist and harder on your left.


  5. Fantastic display, 5* from me. I love the idea of just looking at the diagonals. Easy to read at a glance but cryptic enough to confuse onlookers.

    I agree that the arrangement of the numbers could be different, I personally prefer square, hours on top, mins below. The overall idea is great though.


  6. Short version: BOUGHT!

    Long version:

    + The number system just rocks. It is so easy, once you know the way of deformation. The result looks. It’s creative and wearable.
    + The case, it’s simple and goes well with the inclined numbers.

    Good luck Lloyd!!


  7. Thanx Pete, Firdy, Gordon, Avatara and Sam! You’ve really cheered me up. Cheers for taking the time to vote and leave some feedback. Thanx too to TF for the 3D graphics.


  8. Really cool. Did not get it at first and thought that looks way to complicated…but its actually very easy to read when you know how. Very clever design. Very sci-fi! Love it.


  9. Thats brilliant! Looks complicated but actually works well! I wonder how well it’ll work in the daylight tho.


  10. Please, if you make this, have a “random digits scrolling” animation mode- (Much like you see in movies when someone is trying to brute force a code, and they are putting in digit combinations really fast….)


  11. I’ve been a big fan of Lloyd’s puzzle for some months now and his ingenuity is always fresh and seemingly endless–I’m constant blown away by the quality of his puzzles. This is yet another tiny example of Lloyd’s inventiveness.

    This would make excellent gifts for my precocious kid cousins and puzzle-loving friends who are always looking for a little something that is new, creative, fun, and stimulating for the minds.

    Thumbs up all the way!


  12. I like it, the purple and green make me think of something an ailen invader might wear.

    Well, a 60’s stlye man-in-a-spraypainted-silver-wetsuit one anyway 🙂

    Proably part of why I like this so much.. I’d certanly buy it. (if I wasn’t flat broke)


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