SF View – A Minimalist Sci-Fi LED Watch Design

Design is submitted by Nico from Belgium.

The SF View concept watch design is a minimalist LED watch with an empty space in the middle of the case with time shown within that space.  A sci-fi shaped watch with a 3-part display that reminds the inside of a spaceship flight deck.

The case is rigid and the strap follows the shape of the case to obtain a smooth continuous curve.  Hours and minutes are displayed with digits on the main screen (from left to right and from top to bottom), while seconds are shown with strokes on the sides.  The display gives the impression of a “private panoramic screen”.  LEDs are turned on for a few seconds when hitting the central button.


SF VIEW Concept Watch by NL1 from NL1 on Vimeo.

86 thoughts on “SF View – A Minimalist Sci-Fi LED Watch Design

  1. Okay it’s almost the end, happy to see that people liked this concept here, also found dozens of publications on other sites… No matter the result, thanks TF for the opportunity to share my work.
    (Note to self: never choose a concept name that means things such as “nice view on San Francisco bay” 🙂 ) To find external publications, search [“SF VIEW” “NL1”] in google.

    Now let’s hope TF people will consider making something with it.
    Also, your useful comments will for sure help to improve my next concepts (and maybe even this one), so thanks again to everyone for your feedback.



      • I would be disappointed if this watch doesn’t get made. But I think, it’s not tokyoflashing. It’s just normal numbers, no sign of creative deformation. That only appears in the rest of the watch. It’s like taking a gold bar, graving lavish ornament in it and then just adding three watch hands and telling, it’s a cool analog watch. Don’t misunderstand me, this watch looks great, but looking great doesn’t hide the weakness of the concept.


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