UV Index LCD Watch Design With Touch Screen

A new concept watch from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

It’s summer time and it’s hotting up outside, but be careful, UV levels are increasing and it’s important to protect yourself against excessive exposure to UV light which can cause sunburn, eye damage and skin cancer.

This concept watch design features a sensor which measures the UV index when outside so that you know when you should take care and protect yourself.

The UV Index, used by the World Health Organisation measures the level of UV radiation from zero to eleven. The higher the UV level, the greater the potential for damage to the skin and eyes, and the less time it takes for harm to occur. Depending on the UV level and your skin type, there are different recommendations for protection.

For example, at UV level 8.2 there would be a very high risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure and adults with pale to lightly tan skin should wear SPF 30+ sunscreen, a shirt, sunglasses, and a hat.

This concept watch design features an “always on” LCD display with a colored LED backlight. It is also touch sensitive so the functions can be operated by touching the screen. Touch to see the time or date, touch to illuminate the screen and touch to get a UV Index reading.

The time is displayed with hours in the centre and minutes around the outside in the same position as minutes on a clock face. The date is shown in a similar way. There is also an alarm mode, to ensure you don’t stay out in the sun too long.

How do you feel about this watch design? Like all concepts on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog, vote below and provide constructive feedback and it may become reality.


14 thoughts on “UV Index LCD Watch Design With Touch Screen

  1. Cool idea! Very useful. This is something we encounter each day but we aren’t really aware of (besides “oh it’s so hot here”) I like the geometry and the touch screen. It would e cool, if the UV level also gets evaluated by something else than a number and a scale. Maybe words (ok, average, omg get outa here) or backlight colors (green, yellow, red) Definitely 5*/y!


    • Oh I forgot. Maybe it’s good to let the watch make statements like: This level is ok for the skin for 30 minutes (needs skin specifications from doctor though). And something like “better wear sun glases now.” I see high potential here, if the watch is more like a friendly assistant an not just a thing with numbers 😀


  2. Well, I’m conflicted: I love the idea, but…I was working on a UV sensor watch 😛 So, here are a few things I was thinking about:

    1) A great place to wear this watch is at the beach, so make it waterproof and add an optional repeating alarm feature advising when to re-apply sunscreen (“beach alarm”).

    2) People with fair skin are more susceptible to skin damage from UV, so allow the user to set “skin type,” which will adjust the warnings somewhat (at lower UV levels).

    3) Offer a women’s version — for the beach and because of extra concern about wrinkles.

    4) Since the watch is most useful where it’s bright and sunny, add an anti-glare coating to the lens.

    5) The UV Index does not stop at 11. It’s just that the warnings for 14, 15, etc. are the same as for 11. Here’s a forecast for the U.S., showing large regions over 11: http://www.epa.gov/sunwise/uvindex.html.

    6) Maybe this would add too much cost, but add Bluetooth so the watch can pair with a phone and automatically download UV forecasts each day. So, before going out for the day, you’ll get a warning that it’s likely to be UV 12 and you might want to change your clothes to cover up more.


    • The common propaganda sais, re-applying sunscreen (if you mean body lotion) does not lengthen or highten the protection against the sun. It’s better to put on a high protection in the first place – which is something, the watch could advise you.

      Oh yes skin type, very wise!

      That would be strangely cool, if you walk to the shop and your watch warns you “level 15, get covered, level 15, get covered” and you start running to the shop 😀

      Maybe more costs with that blutooth, but it would be consequent and modern actually (since we are all wired with information each time).


  3. Must be useful for Dracula or vampire race. I’d stay under the shadow most of time during outdoor works and my boss would be asking me why you hide under the shadow? be serious…. and I’d answer…..ghrrrrrr…… the sun is killing me ~ and the watch beeps.


  4. Funny idea but LED is pointless in sunlight. You can´t even read the time of the watch when its simply bright outside.


  5. And with LED I mean of the watches. I already own A Tokyflash watch and I asume it won´t be much better. Just don´t think such a solardependend feature will really be helpfull that much.


  6. Bright idea 😀
    Yet, I can’t find it really useful. It sure looks funny, I like the design, aso… but why would we need a watch to apply sunscreen… weird


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