Warped LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says, “Space travel and the concept of Warp Technology have always piqued my interest.  I wanted to do a design that was both futuristic and a tad bizarre.  This analog design aims to achieve a balance between future tech and fictional science”.

This analog watch design has hours displayed on the left capacitor of the watch face, while minutes are displayed on the right.  To set the time, touch the center button and hold for 3 seconds.  This will activate the touch sensitive plate located above the button.  Scrubbing right on the touch pad moves the clock forward, left moves it back.

Fans of Tokyoflash designs, such as Q-version and Radio Active Active Reactor will feel right at home wearing this design in either white acetate or dark carbon fiber.


8 thoughts on “Warped LED Watch Design

  1. Nice idea Corey, I love the carbon fibre one, very original. would definately buy it if it wasnt too expensive. Is this a sign that RPM carbon fibre is coming soon??


  2. Dude, RPM carbon fiber or Rogue carbon fiber would be the hot sauce! I’m not sure of the logistics of making something like a watch from carbon fiber, but I’ve seen pretty small items (rings and such) made from the stuff, so I think it’d be possible

    I initially thought of this idea as a traditional analog movement design, but with the touch plate thing it would have to be LED, so I’m torn heh. In order for it to be analog, It would need a twist-able crown that’s mechanically connected to the movement, which could easily be incorporated into the design I think.

    This watch was fun to make! Thanks for the comments 😉


  3. Nice modeling! I have seen a dip process for giving odd shape products a carbon fibre look, they do this a lot on after market hot rod parts like battery bowes etc. Its cool they dip the product in a pool with the laminent on the surface and it adheres itself when they pull it out


    • Thanks, Gordon! I looked up this process. Hydrographics seems like a really awesome way to create original designs on a product. Now I’m really excited to see what could be accomplished on a watch with this technique.


  4. The carbon fibre one is awesome. In guess if yellow version with techno style would look like bumblebee. Ok sincerely, I love this design, but the touch setting mechanism in the middle, which is cool think ~~ wonder is it only used to set time? is this always on watch or touch to see the time? hmmm


    • If LED version, then yeah, touch plate would turn the leds on for a few seconds.

      I still would like to make this an analogue movement design as well. Maybe 2 versions, one with a crown on the side (I was actually thinking of one that was flush with the flat part at the edge of the case). I guess I’m an idealist in some senses.

      Yellow version would be pretty tight too. Yellow with white hands for time. Thanks, Firdaus!


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