Eco Wall Clock Design

Design submitted by Akos from Hungary.

To enjoy time in style is what brought out this design by Akos.

This watch design is 100% made of recyclable material, aluminum alloy, and glass. In this way, we can enjoy time while preserving nature.

It comes with a wooden box and a magnetic wall-mount that you can place on any wall without the screws. It also goes well in any style of environment, be it colored or brick walls.


15 thoughts on “Eco Wall Clock Design

  1. What a very nice design, I give it a 5/5, but how does it work, especially when the hour and minute cross eachother?


  2. Wow! i like it, we need more wall clocks on the tokyoflash website, who said they should be just limited to wristwatches 🙂


  3. Ok, this is by far the most beautifull wall-clock design, I have seen so far. Simple, cool, geeky, stylish, modern and still valuable and I bet it would fit in a business office as well as a geeky chaos full of papers, toys, hardware and screens. Great work, Akos!


  4. Hey all, thank you for the nice comments! Yes, Thomas, you’re right. My first thought was to design something that lasts and looks great in ANY environment. Be it a modern office or a room of a teenage girl. Ervinh: when hours and minutes are crossing each other, you will see the red one on the bottom, and the other one goes on top. Red one is a bit bigger, these plans doesn’t show it’s exact size though. Currently I am working on the gear.


  5. really good futuristic design; love gadgets; would really add to the items I already have; nice work


  6. OMG, this is so far, the best wall clock I ever seen..
    I hope they really make it one day….
    I would absolutely purchase it, at whatever price…


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